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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Human Resources: A tasty treat

Geoff Neil has created a sinfully delectable read. The story flows across the mental palate, paced to perfection, allowing one to savor the different flavors of the story - humor, action, tension, shock, mystery. All prepared in a Chrichtonesque recipe. Take an unlikely hero, sprinkle in some technology and scientific zest to capture the imagination, spice it all up with a nemesis that sets your nerves afire with her ruthless cold-heartedness.

I mean to impart to you, my pleasure at having read this five star gourmet literary meal. Mr. Neil's first book Dire Means - a delightful appetizer. Human Resources - a well-rounded meal. I am hungering for dessert,with Wanton Disregard. I can only hope that there is a nightcap planned as well! I encourage you to feast on Human Resources, but let me give you caution, if your nerves get your stomach all tied up with butterflies, you may want a bottle of Tums close at hand.

Please check out the works of Mr. Neil here Geoffrey Neil.

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