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Saturday, July 19, 2014

WeWriWa - Let me tell you a story...

Welcome to another exciting Weekend Writing Warrior day.  If you've happened here by chance, then oh boy, is this your lucky day.  All over the web, there are eight sentence snippets posted by a variety of writers, in a variety of genres.  There's bound to be something that stirs your breath, steals your breath away, or makes you hold your breath in fright.  Any way you look at it, it's a great pulmonary literary adventure : )  If you need more info, click on the above link to find out how this whole shebang works!
This week, I'm posting the next eight lines from my WIP - tentatively titled Zelera's Revenge.  Kes (a precocious young prince) has been kidnapped by his evil aunt -- Zelera.  If you'd like to read previous snippets, they can be found #1 here, #2 here, #3 here, and #4 last week.   A quick recap of last week, Zelera yanked Kes out from under the bed and dropped him down on his blankets...
     Zelera leaned down, her face inches from his own.  Her hot breath huffed against his cheek.  “Now,” she grunted, “Let me tell you a story.”  She smoothed back her hair as she straightened up.  Then her tall skeletal frame scrunched back down onto the stool.  She cleared her throat, “Once upon a time, there was a little prince.”

“Oh, is this story about me?  It is, isn’t it?"
So, this is all my first unedited draft.  Anything you bright eyes spot that needs a tweak?  Love your comments as always : )

Saturday, July 12, 2014

WeWriWa - Was he upside down?

A great big warrior whoop and holler to you.  It's Sunday, time for all brave and valiant Weekend Writing Warrior's to get their battle plans (at the aforementioned link) and charge forth to read and comment.  If you haven't a clue as to what I'm referring to, you should def-def-definitely check it out.  Might just become your favorite weekend pasttime : )

I am sharing eight more lines of interaction between Kes and Zelera.  If you remember last week, Kes tried to hide from his auntie under the bed.  Here's what happens next...

     Kes flattened his body, jamming himself as far back into the dark corner as possible.  All of a sudden something cold and hard wrapped around his ankles, and he felt himself sliding across the floor.  His head hit a bedrail with a loud kerthunk, “Ow, ow, ow,” he wailed.
     “You'd better knock it off right now mister, I’ve had just about enough.”  
     Kes noticed the room was upside down.  Or was he upside down?  The air whizzed past him as he saw the bed swing into view.  He landed with a soft plop. 

This is first draft.  So as always, love to hear your critique and comments. : )

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wewriwa - No, you're gonna eat me!

It's Hot in the City, Hot in the City...today!  We've had some warm times here in California this past week.  Today promises to be well over 100 degrees.  So what better way to cool off than to sit in front of the air conditioner with a tall cool drink of whatever makes you happy (I love a fresh mojito myself) and read eight cool sentences after another.  If you follow this very chill link, right Here it'll take you to the Weekend Writing Warriors linky do-dad with tons of authors whose stories just might chill you to the bone...or if your clime is cool, there are authors on the list that will heat you up with their eight little sentences (I've needed to fan myself many a time).

So last week, the evil Aunt Zelera, was preparing to read Kes a story, when he innocently compared her to a spider...and cried out ,"Oh no."  If you'd like to refresh your memory click ME : )

“What now,” she seethed, the smile quivering on her face while her eyes simmered with annoyance.
“If you’re a spider, I’m the fly.  You’re gonna eat me!”  He jumped down off the bed and scrambled to hide underneath it.  He pushed and squeezed and inched his way further into the dark corner, as far from meanie auntie as possible.
“Come out of there this instant young man,” Zelera screeched.
“No, you’re gonna eat me!”
“I am not going to eat you,” she shrieked, “but if you don’t come out this moment, I might just beat you black and blue.”

I'm going to be out hiking early this am, Pacific Time, so look for me to check back in with you all later this afternoon.  We are attempting to make a hike around the river/lake that we live on (approximately 13 miles) and get out and back before the temps are triple digits.  Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

WeWriWa - What is so funny?

On your mark, get set...GO!  And they're off, each Weekend Writing Warrior setting out eight sentences...tantalizing you with their hints and innuendo.  All you have to do is follow the link HERE and you're at the starting line.  Click link after link, read writing styles from various genres, stroke the ego's of the talented authorial athletes by commenting on what you've read, and don't stop till you get to the end.  You'll be rewarded with great free entertainment!  So get going!

This week is a continuation of where we left off last...Zelera and Kes are together in hiding.  The young boy captive has proven to be more of a handful than Zelera was prepared for and her nerves are frayed.  She's hoping to ease some of her tension by getting him to take a nap...

Zelera sat on a small stool next to his bed, her long bony legs bent up in sharp angles and her spindly arms reached over to pluck a book off the shelf.  Kes’ laugh echoed around the room.
“What is so funny?”
“You are a big old spider!”
“You should see yourself meanie auntie.  Your legs are all long and scary, like a spider.”  Then his eyes widened in fright, “Oh no!”

Saturday, June 21, 2014

WeWriWa - I'll try to be good?

Let's play a game of Mad Libs : )  Give me an exclamation (1), number (2), day of the week (3), verb (present tense) (4), noun (5), plural noun (6), adjective (7), adjective (8), adjective (9), adjective (10), beverage (11), piece of furniture (12), body part (13), verb (14).  You may want to write these down...Start with your exclamation and read on, filling in the blanks : )   _______________ (1)!  It's ____________(2) sentence _____________(3), or weekend ___________(4) warriors Sunday.  Click the _____________(5) here to find out about the ______________(6).  You'll also find links to ___________(7) authors whose snippets are______________(8), ________________(9), or maybe even ______________(10)!  Grab a cup of ______________(11), sit back on your _________________(12), and put your ______________(13) up.  Now ________________(14) through those snippets!  : ) 

This week I am giving you a look at a couple other characters from my WIP, Prince Kes (Ravyn's little brother) and Zelera (the villainess).  Zelera has kidnapped the young Prince, and is hiding out with him, but he has been more than a handful.  Let's peek in on them...

     “Thank you for letting me out Auntie, I promise I’ll be good.” Kes turned on his innocent, you gotta love me smile. It always worked on Momma when he got in trouble. If anything Aunt Zelera looked meaner and uglier than ever. “Er, I’ll try to be good?”
     He watched her face. The mean spirit never left, she only pasted on looks to try to hide her yucky. But Kes could always see the Dark edges hiding behind the false smiles.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

WeWriWa - 'she' promised it our souls...

It's Sunday, a Weekend Writing Warrior kind of day!  
"Say What?" you say.  
Lemme give you the skinny.  On Sunday, fine authory-type folks dole out eight sentences from their WIP or a published piece of writing.  They leave a trail that can be followed here.  Each link takes you to a different author, with their own unique voice, who strings words together in clever fashion.  Some tales are scary, some are downright sexy, some might make you giggle.  And, as far as I can tell, these folks love to hear from you.  So, take a few moments to sample a few treats and then tell 'em what you like about their writing!

I'm continuing with my WIP, still not really titled.  Last week Ravyn and Lareina were discussing the missing wine...and if the Mara had taken it.  Ravyn is the first to speak...

“No, the Mara showed up, and it wouldn't take the coin as a gift.  It said ‘she’ promised it our souls; that the Darkness didn’t care about rules.”
“It started giving me the most horrible visions,” Ravyn shuddered.
“I’m so sorry honey, you shouldn’t have been the one to deal with it, I should’ve been awake.”
“No, mom, it’s okay.  I only had to see those visions for a moment, you spent a whole night being tortured by them.  Besides, His Nibs showed up and saved the day.”

 So this is rough first draft, of course I always love to hear ideas on how to improve flow etc.  

Next weekend is Father's Day Weekend, and my wedding anniversary.  I'm heading to Monterey for some much needed family time, and likely won't post.  So happy Father's Day to those dad's who come by today in advance!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

WeWriWa - I didn't drink it all...

Now I wake me up from sleep, and pray for many blogs to sweep, and I should find great things to read, I k know my times spent well indeed!  Happy Sunday and a glorious Weekend Writing Warrior day to you : )  Pray tell on this blessed day, if you have no knowledge of the marvels of WeWriWa you should click the link.  It will take you to a most holy shrine filled with illuminating knowledge on the workings of this glorious tribe of scribes.

Last week, I left you with Lareina accusing Ravyn of drinking all the wine in a most disapproving motherly fashion...    

Ravyn started to chuckle, “I didn’t drink it.”
“Oh,” she blushed.  “Did I drink all that wine?  I remember sipping a little, but I swear I didn’t…oh my, and here I am lecturing you.”
Ravyn shook her head, “No, we had a guest.”
Lareina shrank back.  “The Mara?  Was that the gift it accepted?”