A to Z Challenge

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A to Z - Thankful

His eyes rove over me, drinking in all my curves.  And there are a few after three children and twenty three years together.  But his eyes still sparkle with delight when I slip off my clothes at the end of the night.  His lips seek out mine, hungry but sweet.  Lips that gently brush against my skin, telling me I am the only woman in the world-in his world.  The only world for me.

My dear sweet husband, today's post is for you.  I probably don't tell you often enough, not near as much as you deserve.  You are amazing, and I love you!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A to Z - Some Times

Sometimes I curl up in a cozy corner, hands wrapped ‘round a steaming coffee mug.  I shut out the world, letting my mind wander.  Random thoughts flit and flicker.  Words spring to life, forming images.  Images swirl and morph framing a plot.  Characters argue amongst themselves, snagging my attention, claiming their role. 

I love when I can enjoy some time in a cozy corner as worlds are born from the fertile soil of my mind.

Do you have a special place where your some times happen?

Monday, April 21, 2014

A to Z - Racing Thoughts

Thoughts are racing through my head after I realize I haven’t written anything for today’s A to Z post.  What starts with R?  Rational?  Random? Ridiculous?  There are too many R’s to choose.  I have to go to work and now my post is late!  Augh, if folks come to my blog, they’ll see my WeWriWa post, which isn’t a bad thing really, but it’s not an A to Z post.  But wait, this is!

Happy Monday and Post Easter to you all!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

WeWriWa - You have to follow the rules!

Welcome to the Easter version of Weekend Writing Warriors.  Where you can peek into a  bunch of literary baskets of goodies and snack till your little hearts content (zero calories, what a deal).  Eg-genre's of every color to be found - sweet and lovey pink, dark and thrilling violets, zombie-ific greens, humor-filled yellow ones.  Some of the eggceptional stories even come in multiple colors as the love story contains humor, or the fantasy a thriller.  On occasion there're even those sparkly poetic ones!  Nobunny gets left behind.  So click the link here Easter Day WeWriWa Edition! to find more peeps to check out!  

Last week, we left off with Ravyn having some horrible visions...as a Mara (nightmare) has latched onto her hand.  We continue with the visions that she's seeing...

Then her father’s head blossomed into view, staring at her from the top of a pike.  The image shifted to little Kes burning on a pyre.  She heard screaming, painful tortured squeals--It took her a moment to realize they were her own.  “I gave you a gift,” she gasped, “You have to take it and go!”
“No,” it spat, “Sshe told uss, we can have you forever.”
“You took the coin, you have to leave us," she grunted.  "You have to follow the rules!”

It grinned again, razor sharp teeth glinting in the firelight, “The Darkness doesn’t give a damn about your pitiful ruless.”

Oh crap, this wasn't very eastery...sorry.  I hope your day is fantastic, and filled with chocolate, and family, and chocolate, and love, and oh yeah, don't forget the chocolate : )  I heard the Easter Bunny poops chocolate...I'm gonna go hunt him down!

A to Z - Quick!

“Quick, just do it.”
“Patience, I’ll get there.”
“I know but the longer you wait the more nervous I get.”
“It’s gonna be okay, I promise.”
“How can you know that?  You’re a virgin too, aren’t you?”
“Well, yeah, but I’ve studied this for a long time…”
“Sorry, it slipped.  Didn’t mean to poke you.”
“I can’t take this anymore, just give it to me.”

BOOM!  Simulation over!
Sigh.  “Told you to be patient!”

(Conversation overheard at First Year Bomb Disposal Unit Training)

Friday, April 18, 2014

A to Z - Panic

The sound of breaking glass wakes me from deep sleep.  I bolt upright, clutching the blankets to my chest.  My sorority sisters are out of town, I’m alone.  I hold my breath, straining to hear…footsteps in the hall, heavy booted feet.  I can’t move, my heart pounds in my chest.  The door squeaks open.   A hulking figure crosses the room and paws through my dresser, ”Panty raid,” he hollers, swinging my lacies ‘round his pinkie.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A to Z - Oenomania

“Moz folks call me Hiz, hic, Nibz.”
 “Pleasure to meet you, my name is Ravyn and this is Lareina.”
“Prin-shess Rav-hic-yn?”  He rubbed his reddened nose.  “And, that shleepy head’s the Queen?” 
The man belched far louder than his tiny body had any right to allow, shaking the leaves in the trees.  Lareina flinched, and the wine bag slid from her lap.  His Nibs eyes fell on the bag.  “Ah,” he sniffed, “a hint of berry, a little honeysuckle, and a taste of toffee that lingers on the palate…”
“You smell all that?”

He winked his bloodshot eyes.  “Thazz what drew me and me sheepy friend here.  I haven’ had any Royal wine in yearz...might I,” he paused licking his lips, “sample a wee nip?”

I strayed a bit over 75 words today.  I shared some of my WIP and a favorite character of mine.  He's called His Nibs, and he is a Clurichaun.  They are a very rowdy drunken cousin of the Leprechaun, and they are know to ride sheep and dogs at midnight through the countryside.  I also thought today's title was very cool.  If you don't know what Oenomania is -- well, it's an obsession or craze for wine...which is exactly who His Nibs is.