A to Z Challenge

Saturday, June 22, 2013

'Cause it makes us feel good

Would you like to do something for no reason other than it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy cool and comfortable?

My sister-in-law posted a link in her facebook account about a dad who could use your help. Here's the glorious thing...it doesn't cost you a dime, just a click of your mouse and then a second click. A vote. A Sacramento area HVAC company is offering to give a free AC unit to people who could really use it, but might not be able to afford it. Take a moment, read this dad's story (Paul StGeme Option H), and click the button to vote for him and his family. Or if you're short on time, just go to the site and vote for him. Sounds like this guy could use a helping hand, and he sounds like the kind of person who actually deserves it!

I don't personally know this man, but his son is my nephew's best bud.

Just click here...Bonney Plumbing and A/C

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Millie, you forgot to give us a name. Who do you want us to vote for?

    1. Wow, that would be helpful! He is option H, his name is Paul!
      I typed that out in so many places, I can't believe I did that!!!

      Thanks heaps for catching that!