A to Z Challenge

Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm so slacking...

You may be wondering where I've been. I've not been kidnapped. I've not gotten lost out in the woods, all alone, and had to try to follow breadcrumbs home. I've not been in a coma for the past month. I've been slacking. But, only with my writing. All things writing have sadly had to take a back seat.

March and April just about kill me. I create my daughter's elementary school yearbook. I could work on it all year, but then it'd drive me crazy for a whole year, instead of just a couple months (so I put it off till the last minute). I don't do it entirely on my own, but I do the majority of the work. That includes taking pictures of events, begging other parents and teacher's for copies of their pictures, going through all the pictures and picking the best to use, resizing pictures, renaming pictures (if I've received them from kind folks who title all their photos with really long names), uploading pictures to the yearbook software, and so on. I'm in crunch time now...two weeks till the deadline.

On top of that, my daughter is in fourth grade, and has her California Mission project to finish. The writing portion for her is easy, done. Lucky me, she inherited some writing ability. But, we have a model to make. So, this week is finish Mission Santa Cruz.

Add to that the talent show this week. And, yup, Sierra is in it. She is singing never fully dressed without a smile with a few of her friends. Too darn cute! That means 3 nights of this coming week are shot.

So, I'll keep trying to sneak a post in here or there. Just know, I'm still alive, though my sanity is only so-so.


  1. Writing is important but it's not everything. Enjoy all the rest.

    1. Thanks for that bit of encouragement! I have the story all wrapped up in my gray matter, I know once my deadline is over, my fingers will be flying over the keyboard once more!