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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dexter's Resolve

Dexter would like to wish you a very Happy New Year and has taken over the blog today. He required a little help from Sierra. Dexter wanted to do it all himself, and he's smart, but he hasn't figured out the typing thing yet.

Dexter's made a few resolutions, though he's already admitted it might be hard to keep them. He thought if he shared them with you, maybe he'd have the willpower to follow through with them. I'm not having high hopes, but we'll see!

1. I will not eat anymore iPhones (they aren't actually very tasty, though they make a lovely crunching sound when the glass shatters).
2. I will only climb up on the Futon that has been allotted to me (Yeah, fat chance)
3. I will not bat at your feet when you are walking downstairs (Ooo - That's gonna be a tough one)
4. I promise not to put my cold nose on your cheek when you are just falling asleep. I'll wait till you are fully asleep!
5. I promise not to head butt (I'm sorry I gave you a black eye momma)
6. I will try real hard not to bother the old dog (I just wish he'd play with me - just a little)
7. I will listen and follow your commands (as long as you have a treat in your hand)
8. I will poop in the same spot (just to clarify, the entire back yard is my spot!)
9. I will not promise to not drink out of the white porcelain bowl, nope, just can't do it, a never-ending flavored water supply - too amazing to pass on. Sorry.
10. I will bark at everything that passes behind the fence. Yup. The joggers, the walkers, the horses and their riders, the turkeys, the turkey vultures, all the other dogs, and sometimes...I'll just woof to woof, cause I'm a dog, and I roll like that!

I'm pretty sure I can keep a few of those...well eight, nine and ten should be a piece of cake anyhow.

Hope you all have a wonderful start to the New Year. May it be as amazing as the scent of Sierra's boots, which taste quite nice, Thank you very much!


  1. So cute! My dogs would have similar resolutions. :)

    Happy New Year to Dexter, Sierra and Millie!

    1. Dexter barks happily in your general direction. And Sierra and I wish you a very Happy New Year! Hope your dogs get it all figured out!

  2. Haha...too cute. Love it. I have four dogs. Yes, that's right. Four. So, I can relate to this well.

    We actually started off our New Year with a horrible accident, where one of my dogs--Squishy-- got run over by my daughter when she was backing out of the driveway.

    BUT--by some miracle--Squishy only got banged up. She is good and bruised, but she could've died, so it doesn't seem so bad. She's been laid up on the couch for a few days, being coddled and hand-fed and carried outside to use the bathroom. Poor little thing.

    She'll be alright though and we're all just SO grateful it wasn't worse that I don't even mind if she drinks out of the toilet or tears up the trash when she gets better. :)

    1. Aw, hope squishy heals up nicely! Poor baby!