A to Z Challenge

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

This morning I woke up thinking it'd be a great time to try out my new camera. Just looking outside I knew...it's damn cold. But, I roused the warm and sleepy Dobie and out we went.

I stood at the backyard fence, noting the ducks absent from the pond. Good thing, or they'd be stuck in the ice. 27 degrees. Now to some of you, that's nothing. Our friends up the hill in Tahoe were at -12 yesterday. But for me and my sunny California constitution it's downright chilly. While I won't get snow, the ice displays are still incredible and fascinating to me.

Boring brown fallen leaves become delicate works of art!

I must admit, I found it funny to crunch through the mud. If I'd ever read that in a story, I'd have thought the author mad. But today, the mud crunched beneath my boots as I tromped along the path.

So, in this last photo, you can see how cold it was. It leached the color right out of the camera...all that was left was the green of the grass and even that started to disappear.

I took my frostbit fingers back home and had a couple cups of coffee. The rest of my Sunday spent indoors, where its a heck of a lot warmer!


  1. Your photos are beautiful, especially the light in the first one. Your post makes me a bit homesick for Idaho, where it actually gets cold, unlike North Carolina. I've barely seen a trace of frost this year. It was 75 degrees yesterday!

    1. Oh, I'd love to bask in 75. I think that's just about the perfect temperature.