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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

World Building Day Two, Ugh, Politics...

Day two - Recent Politics in Aigerach

Aigerach has always been ruled by a King. Rule is passed from father to eldest son, and has been such for all ages. Until King Alric has no sons. The right of rule is passed his youngest daughter Lareina, who has married a young royal named Bryant.

Aigerach remains a monarchy, for a time. King Alric's daughter Zelera falls prey to the Darkness, allowing it to find root in her heart. Jealous of her sister and angry that she has been passed over for rule, she takes things into her own hands.

Zelera seals her sister and King Bryant into a magic mirror and usurps the throne, becoming the first female ruler of Aigerach, and its first despot! She retains power for a period of nine long years, throwing the land into chaos and Darkness. That is, until the Princess Ravyn is able to return from exile and take back the crown, bringing back the Light.

Zelera, exiled for her crimes against the country (execution should have been her fate), finds love in Rasport. She finds herself betrothed to the King of that country.
Will being the Queen of Rasport fill the hole in her soul? Will it be enough to satisfy her lust for power? What would happen if it should appear that she has been kidnapped?


  1. Love your post title! Politics often make me want to go ugh!

  2. Zelera sounds like quite the character, causing all this chaos.

    1. Oh, she's one nasty piece of work. People love to hate her : )