A to Z Challenge

Friday, April 4, 2014

A to Z - Don't Worry

Oh boy, this might be a little dark...I apologize if I give anyone nightmares.

“Don’t worry, this won’t hurt me a bit,” he laughs.
No, I scream silently, mouth gagged.
I gurgle on spit that’s pooled in the back of my throat.  My eyes water, and I tremble with fear.
He leers down at me, looming over my head.  His eyes bore into mine, and there’s a strange sparkle in them.  This sicko is enjoying this.
God, help me, I pray.
The drill screams to life!

Damn the dentist!


  1. lolol! Good one, Millie! I was at the dentist two weeks ago. I prefer my dentist to the one you write about! Ha! Thanks for the warning. :-)

    1. Ever see little shop of horrors? I think Steve Martin inspired this : )

  2. so funny
    but ouch, i hate the dentist!

    happy d day!

    1. This will resonate with lots of folks I fear : )

  3. LOL!!!! As long as I have my happy gas I'm cool with the dentist. :D

  4. This is actually quite funny with your ending and very realistic for some who fear the dental chair!

  5. Ha! The dentist chair is definitely one of the scariest places on earth to me. Great job!