A to Z Challenge

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A to Z - Hanging

Today's Flash is on the darker side.  This story is written about someone close to me.  I wrote it, imagining what she might have thought.  It sort of ties in to "Choices".

I didn’t hear the creaking of the rope, or see the men struggle to hold his weight when they cut him down.  I didn’t hear the thud of his body as it hit the hay strewn floor.
I’m not sure what to feel.  Sadness or relief. 
I wrap the blanket around my head, and turn my eye from the door.  This is one night that door will stay closed.

Maybe God does answer prayers.


  1. Yes, dark, but it struck a cord with me for someone I know, as well.

    1. It's sad this sort of thing ever happens...much less to someone we love.

  2. Replies
    1. There's a lot of emotion packed in those seventy five words...

  3. This is very well done. Clever and powerful. :)