A to Z Challenge

Monday, April 14, 2014

A to Z - Leap of Faith

I see the nub of rock overhead, my fingers grating against rough granite, just shy.  I twist and turn, pretzelling, but cannot reach it.  My calves spasm against the strain, my legs quiver.  Fingers cramp and ache.  I swallow back rising panic.  I can do this, I know I can.  I squat over my toes wedged deep in a crack, tense my thighs and burst upwards.  Fingers lock onto the hold, Hell yeah!

The move described is called a Dino...it's very scary, but exhilarating when you stick it!  Any climbers dino'ing through this blog hop?  And, yeah, I might've taken liberties and made up the word pretzelling...but it works, right?


  1. I love the way the tension builds to the final success. A very enjoyable read!

  2. Thanks Chuck. I've done that same move, without success...and I think I said something besides Hell yeah : )

  3. Oh my lord. I tried rock climbing at one of those wall places. Ya, not happening.
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