A to Z Challenge

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A to Z - Oenomania

“Moz folks call me Hiz, hic, Nibz.”
 “Pleasure to meet you, my name is Ravyn and this is Lareina.”
“Prin-shess Rav-hic-yn?”  He rubbed his reddened nose.  “And, that shleepy head’s the Queen?” 
The man belched far louder than his tiny body had any right to allow, shaking the leaves in the trees.  Lareina flinched, and the wine bag slid from her lap.  His Nibs eyes fell on the bag.  “Ah,” he sniffed, “a hint of berry, a little honeysuckle, and a taste of toffee that lingers on the palate…”
“You smell all that?”

He winked his bloodshot eyes.  “Thazz what drew me and me sheepy friend here.  I haven’ had any Royal wine in yearz...might I,” he paused licking his lips, “sample a wee nip?”

I strayed a bit over 75 words today.  I shared some of my WIP and a favorite character of mine.  He's called His Nibs, and he is a Clurichaun.  They are a very rowdy drunken cousin of the Leprechaun, and they are know to ride sheep and dogs at midnight through the countryside.  I also thought today's title was very cool.  If you don't know what Oenomania is -- well, it's an obsession or craze for wine...which is exactly who His Nibs is.


  1. I'm impressed with his sense of smell.

  2. Nice! I like His Nibs, but you know that already! When is your target finish date for this book, Ms Millie?? I love his dialect...

    1. I really don't have much to finish of the first draft, 10-15K or so words...maybe more...but then I've gotta get serious with editing. I'm hoping to whip out the rest this next month, and have it print ready by end of year : )

  3. He sounds like an interesting character. Thanks for sharing a peek of your WIP. He certainly seems to know his wine. :)

    1. He's a Clurichaun, they are all about wines and spirits(the drinkable kind).