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Saturday, October 10, 2015

WeWriWa - a sad song filled the air

Jeepers, Creepers, I've got good reads for your peepers.  Jeepers, Creepers...WeWriWa's the place for your eyes!  Oh I sure do love the month of October and all the fun it entails!  But I also love each and every Sunday, no matter the month.  Because all over the globe, fantastic authors post eight to ten sentences, tidy little snippets of their work, just to share with the likes of you and me.  You never know what kind of clever you will find.  For their are all styles of writing and many different genres to choose from.  So, if you'd like more than my mere share...click the link above.  Trust me, it's like...magic!

I skipped ahead a bit from last week.  I'm still posting from Return of the Crown, just so you can meet Ravyn and Blade in their earlier days.  They have escaped down the cliff and are now heading through the forest. 

As noon neared, a sad song filled the air.  It was unlike anything Ravyn or Blade had ever heard, as if someone were playing a mournful tune on a trumpet.  They followed the music to a clearing in the trees.  The sound rose from a deep pit in the ground.  They leaned forward, peering down.
      A unicorn stallion stood alone, head hung low.  Spying them, the snow-white unicorn tossed its head, the woeful tune changing.  Rising in a wild crescendo, its song shrilled in rage.

So, you've met Ena my favorite dragon in past posts.  Now, you are meeting another friend of mine!  Hope your week has been wonderful.  I've been having fun getting ready for Halloween.  Check out my pumpkin torch project : )

Saturday, October 3, 2015

WeWriWa - I have a plan

I'm ready to give a warrior whoop!  It's that time again for WeWriWa.  The weekly blog hop that allows you to sample the writing style of so many incredible authors.  Eight sentences of literary joy at a time, that's what you get!  Click on the above link to find more of my fellow authors, or to find out how you can join, because the more the merrier!
Last week Ravyn and Blade had reunited after a very long separation.  But, they are on the middle of a cliff face, some very nasty people are chasing them, and they need to figure out how to get down.  After last week's embrace, Blade has taken a moment to survey their options.

The ledge they were standing on overhung the cliff below.  Lying on his stomach, he looked over the edge.  Rising he winked at Ravyn.  “I have a plan.” 
Grabbing the lip of the cliff, he swung over the edge, hanging for a moment. Then his hands slipped free, and he was gone.  Ravyn gasped, then heard, “Ravyn, there’s a large ledge here.  Swing over, and I’ll catch you.”

Thanks for swinging by and checking in.  Any opinions or thoughts?  I'd love to hear them!  Last week, my word color choices were like a candy corn...this week?  A pumpkin.  I'm in the mood for Halloween!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

WeWriWa - Hallelujah

I feel like singing the Hallelujah Chorus today.  For I have been absent from posting to WeWriWa for a good long time, but here I am today...with eight sentences from Return of the Crown.  So, without further ado, though you can hum a little Handel if you feel so inspired, here's eight sentences just a bit further from where we left off last time (Blade was down climbing a steep cliff trying to find Ravyn, who he hasn't seen in 10 years or so).

Ravyn held her breath as Blade began edging across the cliff wall.  It looked impassable.  But Blade's hands moved from crack to crack and nub to nub, denying gravity's desire to take effect.  Never once did his feet slip from the tiny rim of rock jutting out from the cliff face.  He slid across the rock as if he were water. 

Before she knew it, he was standing in front of her.  His arms wrapped around her, and they were both weeping with joy.  Tears sprang to her eyes, and Ravyn lost herself in the safety of his arms.

What do you think?  I know many of you thought Ravyn was a bit harsh with our Selkie friend Seamus, but Blade's got some skills : )  I look forward to skipping through your eight sentence shares!  And now as I glance at the colorful words on my page, I've got a hankering for something...Candy corn!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

WeWriWa - Which one led to Ravyn

Welcome to another Sunday post.  Which means it's time for Weekend Writing Warriors!  A blog hop every week, where writer's from all walks of genre's post eight lines from their published work...or if you're lucky sneak peeks into their WIP's.  Click the above link to find out more about how to join, or to find other author's works to sample!
Last week, I ended my snippet run from my WIP.  I decided you all need some of where this story started.  Ravyn and Blade's beginnings.  Then you might understand why that Seamus just doesn't have what it takes to win this girl's heart.  So...here's where Blade and Ravyn are reintroduced to each other after years of separation.  Ravyn had been kidnapped by Zelera's thugs and she managed to escape.  Blade is looking to make a rescue : )

Looking down from the summit of the mountain, Blade noticed three openings below him in the back of the rock face. Which one led to Ravyn? He spotted a ledge some fifty feet down that gave him access to a cave, and a short traverse would lead him to a second cave if the first proved to be a dead end.

Noting the large handholds on the rock, he decided to climb down rather than use his rope to rappel. He grabbed onto the lip with his hands as he lowered his legs over the edge. His toe found purchase on a modest nub - a vertical crack ran down the rock. He jammed his fist into it, flexing his hand against the rough granite to create a very safe hold.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

WeWriWa - "You are incorrigible..."

I'm baaaacckkk!  Didja miss me?  I had a kid home from college for a very few short days (anything less than a months visit is waaayyy too short!).  Then, I needed to go out of town to visit my momma in law.  So...I took a break.  But I can't stay away from all you lovelies, I just can't!

Welcome to my little corner of the world on a day when I'm sharing eight lines from my WIP with the Weekend Writing Warriors (and you, if you aren't one of them).  What's that?  Want to know how to become a raving warrior of literary bodaciousness?  Then click...here!  

I left off with Ravyn and Lareina coming clean with Selkies Murphy and Seamus as to who they are.  Seamus had his heart broken, but Ravyn knows they have to get off the island, so skipping a few lines and moving forward to finish this section of work we start with Ravyn speaking...

...Is there really no boat on this island,” asked Ravyn. She shifted her weight from side to side, anxious to get moving.

“There’s really no boat. What need have we for a boat?” Seamus took a sip of his wine, his eyes sparkled as he glanced at Ravyn, a big grin spreading across his cheeks. “I kissed the Princess, and the Princess kissed me!”

Ravyn shook her head, her dark hair swishing across her shoulders. “You are incorrigible.”

Saturday, December 13, 2014

WeWriWa - The lad needs a lass

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!  Sunday is a day to post eight lines of work from something published or in progress.  Then you follow the link above to a grand list of authors and hop, hop, hop.  Reading their offerings, and giving critique and kudo's as you go.  You never know what type of writing you'll find.  There's something for everyone, so join on in!

I'm still hanging out with Ravyn, Lareina, Murphy and Seamus.  Ravyn has just told the men, if they get off the island, there are ladies a-plenty out in the world for them to meet.  Murphy answers...

      He shook his head, “I was born on this wee island, and spent me whole life here; I’d be lost elsewhere.”  
      He looked at his son, who sat staring out the window to the sea. “But, the lad needs a lass. Maybe I’ll let him go, someday.”
      Seamus turned to his dad, excitement sparkling in his eyes, “Da, ya mean it? Can we go?”
      “I’ll nae leave, but you can my boy.”

So...anyone up to watch the meteor shower?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

WeWriWa - But Why the Lies?

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful.  To WeWriWa here we go, click the links, words will flow, comments grow!  I love this time of year, and Weekend Writing Warriors is the gift that keeps on giving.  You are able to share works that are in progress or published with fellow readers and authors, you are able to read other's literary works, and everyone shares insight and opinion as well as kudos with each other.  So very glad WeWriWa is year-round, not just once a year : )

Last week, we left off with Lareina explaining to our handsome Selkie men, why they were in trouble.  You know, with Lareina's sister Zelera stealing the young prince Kes, and making off with him, sending a Kraken to attack the ladies boat, that kind of thing.  We pick up with Murphy speaking first...   

     “Sounds like ye’ve got a bit of trouble on your hands, tis true.” The scowl on Murphy’ face softened, “But why the lies?”
     “Murphy, you gentlemen saw damsels in distress. You thought we’d fall head over heels for our rescuers, especially with those talented eyes of yours. You’ve been lonely, you found someone to care for…”
      His shoulders sagged, “Aye, we thought our solitude a thing of the past.”
     “You don’t have to live alone,” Ravyn piped up.   "Take a trip to Aigerach; there are ladies a-plenty to catch your eye.”