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Saturday, November 29, 2014

WeWriWa - I know, hard to believe

Welcome to WeWriWa here on my little blog.  The fun Sunday blog hop that gives you the chance to read snippets from a variety of talented authors in a splendiferous plentitude of genres.  There's bound to be something you like.  Just click the above link to learn more about how to join in the fun!

I skipped ahead a bit this week, not much, but I felt like moving forward a bit : )  Seamus and Murphy have just been let down by the ladies, who have not been under their Selkie charm like they thought.  The men have just learned the ladies' true identities.

Seamus sank down on his stool; he ran his hand back through his shock of red hair. “You’re the Princess?”

Ravyn grinned, shrugging her shoulders, “I know, hard to believe.”

Lareina placed her hand on the table, steadying herself.  “Zelera has returned from Rasport, and she’s stolen my son.” She took a deep breath before proceeding. “We were in that little fishing boat, pursuing her and my son when the Kraken attacked. No doubt she set it on us, and she'll know we are here; we have to get off this island.”

I am heading up to the foothills to support my local Christmas Tree Farmers : )  It's a tradition for our family to head up the weekend after Thanksgiving to tromp through all the trees, and find the very best.  Sometimes we do a lot of hiking about and there's a bit of wrangling going on too, till we all agree which little beauty gets to come home.  I will get myself around to everyone's site as soon as I can though, I promise I'll make some time : )  Have a wonderful start of the Christmas Season!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

WeWriWa - ...but you're nothing but a liar.

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am thankful for each and every friend I have made on my weekly warrior adventure!  You all are fantastic committed folks that I am proud to know.  I fully appreciate the time you take to read and comment.  Follow the link to WeWriWa if you want to know more about this wonderful group of writer's and how to join. 

Last week, we left off with Ravyn telling Seamus that she is capable of using magic, and is safe from his seductive Selkie charms...

     A tear trickled down Seamus’s cheek, the look of betrayal cut Ravyn like a knife. “I truly love you,” he whispered, “but you’re nothing but a liar.”
     “You’re right,” Ravyn sighed, “I’ve lied to you from the start. I felt my reasons justified. But, I see there is no rationale in breaking your heart.”
      Murphy pushed away from the table, his chair scudding hard across the wooden plank floor. “Have your affections been false as well,” he growled at Lareina, his eyes stormy and dark.

In order for me to be off with my family on Thursday, I have to work today.  I will make my way through the list though, you can count on that.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day my friends!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

WeWriWa - But...

Wow, it's mid-November already!  Weather is getting cooler, nights are growing longer, and those authors are working themselves to the bone to complete NaNoWriMo.  But, today...it's Warrior day.  A day to share eight lines of work, published or in progress, and to visit others who have done the same.  For all the rules and how to join in the fun, click here!

I was missing in action last weekend...Disneyland beckoned and we heeded the call.  But, the weekend before left us with Ravyn telling Seamus, she wasn't the girl for him.  (And after he'd gotten such a lovely dinner made and was all excited to celebrate.)  The first voice in this conversation is Seamus, followed by Ravyn's response.

“No, let me finish. I know that you Selkie men are irresistible. Your magic pulls on women’s heartstrings. I should be, would be, completely and blissfully under your spell. But, there’s something about me you should know. I do know about magic, about working with the Light. I've made myself safe from your charms…”

Poor Seamus...

All my NaNo friends, I hope this month is going well for you.  You are about halfway through, you can do it!  Good luck, and keep those pencils scribbling, or those fingers tapping away at the keys!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

WeWriWa - I thought I could do this...

Happy extra hour of sleep day : )  And a Happy Weekend Writing Warrior Day to you too!  Follow the link to find out how to participate, or to read more snippets from a great list of talented authors writing in a plethora of genres.

I've skipped ahead a bit this week...they are still at their celebratory meal...or so the men think.  Let's see what Ravyn has to say...

Ravyn took a sip, and when she looked up, she found Seamus leaning forward on his stool, eyes dancing across her face, waiting. Her dry mouth ached as she contemplated the lies that lay silent behind her lips. She took a deep breath. “Okay, I thought I could do this, but I can’t...”

“Ravyn my love, what can you nae do?”

Ravyn stood, and placed her glass down on the table. She pulled the pearl Seamus had given her out of her pocket and placed it in his hand. “Seamus, you are a wonderful man who deserves a wonderful lady, but it’s not me.”

 I am not doing Nano this year.  I had too much on my plate last month, and I don't have the stamina to push myself as hard as necessary this month.  But, I would be happy to root for all of you who are working your little tails off trying to make wonderful literary things happen.  Go team WeWriWaNaNoers : )  You can do it!!!!