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Saturday, February 22, 2014

WeWriWa - The resounding stupidity of prejudice

WeWriWa Sundays are hot diggity amazing.  Don't know what they are?  Just click the link below, and it will take you to the site where all the ins and outs of participating will be explained.  You'll also find a list chock full of clever writer's who are sharing 8 lines of their work, in lots of wonderful genre's.

Last week, we left off with cannonball's falling back down onto the ships, and a lone ball falling down into the cargo hold...

     The sailors began leaping from the ship.  The young lad in the crow’s nest, scrambled out onto the yardarm, hurling himself into the cold dark sea.  A loud explosion blasted Medina with angry heat, and she flew off toward the fishing hut on the shore, chuckling to herself. 
     She laughed until tears streamed from her eyes, blurring her vision.  She’d learned nothing from her talk with the young lad, except for the resounding stupidity of prejudice.  Those stupid fools following blind along a path that could lead to their death.  For what?  To save the most evil…

Well it is February, and many of you have been deluged with snow and chilly weather.  I am going to enjoy my next couple days of sunny 70 degree weather in your honor.  We have been unseasonably warm here in Cali, and though I anxiously await some rain to decrease our drought, I might as well enjoy the sun since it will shine regardless : )

As always I love your comments and suggestions.  I'm sort of addicted to them, to tell you truly.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

WeWriWa - I've about had it!

Oh dear friends, love is lingering in the air.  February - Such a wonderful month...it reminds us who is special to us and why.  I've been so blessed to share Valentine's Day with a superb example of a man for the past twenty-three years, and I look forward to the next twenty-three.  Love you dear hubby of mine : )

So, welcome to this exciting edition of Weekend Writing Warriors, where writer's from around the world share eight teensy tiny lines of their work, published or in progress.  Then, they look forward to communicating with readers and writer's to find out what worked, or what didn't, so they can improve their art or entice you to purchase their work!  If you'd like to learn more, click the button below and it will whisk you away to a magical realm full of wonder and enchantment...

Last week, our little sailor from Rasport rang an alarm bell and sent Medina (a lovely Harpy lass) into a verbal barrage of the naive young sailor lad.  This is raw writing...first draft...and punctuation could be a bit on the creative side. : )

Medina leaped into the sky just as a harpoon sliced through the air to her side.  She began a torrential stream of cursing that rained down over the ship, causing even the most veteran of sailors’ cheeks to burn.
She hovered in the air, the open sea at her back, “You are all ignorant fools, fighting against magic to save one who is the greatest perversion of it!”
Boom-boom-boom, the ships unleashed a volley of cannonballs that streaked toward her. 

“I’ve about had it,” she screeched.  She spread her wings wide, pulsing them down with powerful blasts of air, the gift of being a harpy.  The balls fell back down onto the ship, slicing through the mast and crashing down through the deck.  A lone ball rumbled across the wooden planks, to fall through the nets that covered the cargo hull.

Love to hear your thoughts(I'm not sure I'm very happy with this section), so feel free to leave a comment or two...everything helps (whether it's ego stroking or well placed critique that helps me hone the story flow)!  

Saturday, February 8, 2014

You have no idea what you fight for - WeWriWa

So it's just another Warrior Sunday, whoa, glad it's not Monday, whoa, 'Cause this is my funday, Weekend Writing Warrior Sunday! (Get your Bangles on : )

Welcome one and all, If you know not what Weekend Writing Warriors are, click the button above.  It will take you to a place where it will all be explained.  And, you will learn how you too can participate if you aren't already.

Last week, Medina was questioning a young sailor from Rasport.  The conversation seemed to be going okay, and then he started to get suspicious...(I may have used some creative punctuation, it's highly likely that happened).

“You’re the enemy, you’re trying to gather our secrets.”  He jumped to his feet, yanking hard on the alarm bell cord, a sharp clanging rent the air.

Medina spread her wings, leaping to the edge of the crow’s nest.  She flapped her wings, blasting air into the boy’s face.  He covered his head under his arms.  “You are an ignorant little cuss,” she cried.  “I had thought at first I would be able to call you friend, but I can see you cling blindly to your prejudiced notions.  I hope you make it through this war my boy, you have no idea what you fight for.”

Love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave a comment.  

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Warrior Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Weekend Writing Warriors!  Give out a big old whoop and a holler! 

I've been a part of the warrior tribe since June, and what a wonderful time I've had.  I've found some new authors to read, I've learned from others by reading some incredible words of art, I've become friends with wonderful folks from around this amazing globe, and most importantly, I've had fun!  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then click the button below and learn about this great group of bloggers.

I've been drizzling out bits of my WIP, still untitled as yet, and recently I've been sharing scenes with Medina, a beautiful and witty harpy character (her words, not mine) as she's checking out an enemy ship anchored off shore of her land of Aigerach.
Last week, we left off with Medina, chatting with a young soldier, wondering how Zelera (a nasty witch) could make the king fall in love with her...
The boy looked down, “I don’t know.  Who’s to say what makes a person fall in love.  But, we’re here to get her back, or die trying.”

“Do you feel that strongly about her, willing to risk your life for her?”

He glared at her.  “What did you do to me, cast a spell on me?”

Medina fluffed her feathers, and pulled back to read anger and distrust written across the boy’s face.  “I thought we were just talking.”
Well, I hope you all enjoy this wonderful day.  Have a glass of champagne and eat a big box of chocolates.  It is an anniversary after all, and that seems like a great way to celebrate!  Or, crash a Superbowl Party and eat all the tasty snacks while you put your feet up, ignore the game, and read snippet after snippet!