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Saturday, December 13, 2014

WeWriWa - The lad needs a lass

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!  Sunday is a day to post eight lines of work from something published or in progress.  Then you follow the link above to a grand list of authors and hop, hop, hop.  Reading their offerings, and giving critique and kudo's as you go.  You never know what type of writing you'll find.  There's something for everyone, so join on in!

I'm still hanging out with Ravyn, Lareina, Murphy and Seamus.  Ravyn has just told the men, if they get off the island, there are ladies a-plenty out in the world for them to meet.  Murphy answers...

      He shook his head, “I was born on this wee island, and spent me whole life here; I’d be lost elsewhere.”  
      He looked at his son, who sat staring out the window to the sea. “But, the lad needs a lass. Maybe I’ll let him go, someday.”
      Seamus turned to his dad, excitement sparkling in his eyes, “Da, ya mean it? Can we go?”
      “I’ll nae leave, but you can my boy.”

So...anyone up to watch the meteor shower?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

WeWriWa - But Why the Lies?

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful.  To WeWriWa here we go, click the links, words will flow, comments grow!  I love this time of year, and Weekend Writing Warriors is the gift that keeps on giving.  You are able to share works that are in progress or published with fellow readers and authors, you are able to read other's literary works, and everyone shares insight and opinion as well as kudos with each other.  So very glad WeWriWa is year-round, not just once a year : )

Last week, we left off with Lareina explaining to our handsome Selkie men, why they were in trouble.  You know, with Lareina's sister Zelera stealing the young prince Kes, and making off with him, sending a Kraken to attack the ladies boat, that kind of thing.  We pick up with Murphy speaking first...   

     “Sounds like ye’ve got a bit of trouble on your hands, tis true.” The scowl on Murphy’ face softened, “But why the lies?”
     “Murphy, you gentlemen saw damsels in distress. You thought we’d fall head over heels for our rescuers, especially with those talented eyes of yours. You’ve been lonely, you found someone to care for…”
      His shoulders sagged, “Aye, we thought our solitude a thing of the past.”
     “You don’t have to live alone,” Ravyn piped up.   "Take a trip to Aigerach; there are ladies a-plenty to catch your eye.”

Saturday, November 29, 2014

WeWriWa - I know, hard to believe

Welcome to WeWriWa here on my little blog.  The fun Sunday blog hop that gives you the chance to read snippets from a variety of talented authors in a splendiferous plentitude of genres.  There's bound to be something you like.  Just click the above link to learn more about how to join in the fun!

I skipped ahead a bit this week, not much, but I felt like moving forward a bit : )  Seamus and Murphy have just been let down by the ladies, who have not been under their Selkie charm like they thought.  The men have just learned the ladies' true identities.

Seamus sank down on his stool; he ran his hand back through his shock of red hair. “You’re the Princess?”

Ravyn grinned, shrugging her shoulders, “I know, hard to believe.”

Lareina placed her hand on the table, steadying herself.  “Zelera has returned from Rasport, and she’s stolen my son.” She took a deep breath before proceeding. “We were in that little fishing boat, pursuing her and my son when the Kraken attacked. No doubt she set it on us, and she'll know we are here; we have to get off this island.”

I am heading up to the foothills to support my local Christmas Tree Farmers : )  It's a tradition for our family to head up the weekend after Thanksgiving to tromp through all the trees, and find the very best.  Sometimes we do a lot of hiking about and there's a bit of wrangling going on too, till we all agree which little beauty gets to come home.  I will get myself around to everyone's site as soon as I can though, I promise I'll make some time : )  Have a wonderful start of the Christmas Season!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

WeWriWa - ...but you're nothing but a liar.

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am thankful for each and every friend I have made on my weekly warrior adventure!  You all are fantastic committed folks that I am proud to know.  I fully appreciate the time you take to read and comment.  Follow the link to WeWriWa if you want to know more about this wonderful group of writer's and how to join. 

Last week, we left off with Ravyn telling Seamus that she is capable of using magic, and is safe from his seductive Selkie charms...

     A tear trickled down Seamus’s cheek, the look of betrayal cut Ravyn like a knife. “I truly love you,” he whispered, “but you’re nothing but a liar.”
     “You’re right,” Ravyn sighed, “I’ve lied to you from the start. I felt my reasons justified. But, I see there is no rationale in breaking your heart.”
      Murphy pushed away from the table, his chair scudding hard across the wooden plank floor. “Have your affections been false as well,” he growled at Lareina, his eyes stormy and dark.

In order for me to be off with my family on Thursday, I have to work today.  I will make my way through the list though, you can count on that.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day my friends!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

WeWriWa - But...

Wow, it's mid-November already!  Weather is getting cooler, nights are growing longer, and those authors are working themselves to the bone to complete NaNoWriMo.  But, today...it's Warrior day.  A day to share eight lines of work, published or in progress, and to visit others who have done the same.  For all the rules and how to join in the fun, click here!

I was missing in action last weekend...Disneyland beckoned and we heeded the call.  But, the weekend before left us with Ravyn telling Seamus, she wasn't the girl for him.  (And after he'd gotten such a lovely dinner made and was all excited to celebrate.)  The first voice in this conversation is Seamus, followed by Ravyn's response.

“No, let me finish. I know that you Selkie men are irresistible. Your magic pulls on women’s heartstrings. I should be, would be, completely and blissfully under your spell. But, there’s something about me you should know. I do know about magic, about working with the Light. I've made myself safe from your charms…”

Poor Seamus...

All my NaNo friends, I hope this month is going well for you.  You are about halfway through, you can do it!  Good luck, and keep those pencils scribbling, or those fingers tapping away at the keys!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

WeWriWa - I thought I could do this...

Happy extra hour of sleep day : )  And a Happy Weekend Writing Warrior Day to you too!  Follow the link to find out how to participate, or to read more snippets from a great list of talented authors writing in a plethora of genres.

I've skipped ahead a bit this week...they are still at their celebratory meal...or so the men think.  Let's see what Ravyn has to say...

Ravyn took a sip, and when she looked up, she found Seamus leaning forward on his stool, eyes dancing across her face, waiting. Her dry mouth ached as she contemplated the lies that lay silent behind her lips. She took a deep breath. “Okay, I thought I could do this, but I can’t...”

“Ravyn my love, what can you nae do?”

Ravyn stood, and placed her glass down on the table. She pulled the pearl Seamus had given her out of her pocket and placed it in his hand. “Seamus, you are a wonderful man who deserves a wonderful lady, but it’s not me.”

 I am not doing Nano this year.  I had too much on my plate last month, and I don't have the stamina to push myself as hard as necessary this month.  But, I would be happy to root for all of you who are working your little tails off trying to make wonderful literary things happen.  Go team WeWriWaNaNoers : )  You can do it!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

This lovely lass has stolen my heart...

And a haunting happy Sunday to you.  Please join me in celebrating the Spooktacular group of writer's that make up WeWriWa!  You can find all kinds of tales that will give you shivers and tingles.  Eight sentences at a time.  It's like some kind of crazy magic!

I'm sharing a bit more of Ravyn and Lareina's time with Rowan and Murphy.  We last left off at a celebratory dinner with Ravyn feeling a bit guilty.  Let's see how things are progressing...

Ronan went to a cupboard and pulled out four crystal goblets and placed them on the table. He had a bottle of wine tucked under his arm, and he wiggled the cork back and forth till it came out with a little pop. He poured the light pink wine in each glass. Ravyn noted he filled the ladies glasses to the brim. He sat down and picked up his goblet raising it in a toast.

 “Blessing of the Light upon this lovely lass, who has stolen my heart.”

Ravyn pasted a happy grin on her face as she swallowed back a load of shame. Lareina’s eyes held hers for a moment, and answered her discomfort with some of her own.

So, I missed last week.  I had to work, so that I might have this past Friday off to put on a crazy haunted house at my daughter's school.  I've been doing this for several years now, each year a new theme.  It started in a mad scientist's lab, then we had a monster mash, on to a creepy carnival.  Last year was Pirates of the Carribean themed.  Last year...Sierra is a sixth grader.  I didn't know what I was going to do.  I thought I'd done it all...but wait, what's this?  what's this?  There's magic in the air...it's a Nightmare before Christmas walkthrough.  If you want to see some pics of what's been keeping me up all night this last month, click this link Master of Fright! Oh, and have a Happy Halloween you all!

I'm the master of fright...

Just going to share a few pics from the Nightmare Before Christmas walkthrough/haunted house I created for my daughter's elementary school.  The pictures are a little fuzzy, as I think there may be something wrong with my camera's auto focus...grr.  Hope you enjoy!
How many days till Halloween?  Fun little countdown clock made with that pink foam insulation, a piece of white posterboard, shrinky dink plastic and cheapo little tealights to make it come aglow : )
 A scarecrow jack pointed the way...
 A glimpse of Mr. Oogie Boogie...BTW, Sierra, my 11-year old gets props for painting that for me : )
 And Zero made an appearance, floating in the air all magical like, hanging out by his doghouse, hoping Jack will come by.
 Sally has been a busy girl, making a basket of treats for Jack, whipping up some fog juice to try to keep her man on the ground, and we all know what she's making for Dr. Finklestein.  A bit of Nightshade, a gasp of Frog's Breath, and some...Worm's Wart, Worm's Wart...where is that Worm's Wart?
 Jack had been busy whipping out an equation about Christmas...not sure it helped him much though.  Seems a bit confusing.
 And. we had an appearance from Mr. Oogie Boogie himself...tossing his dice, trying to keep his bugs in line...
 Jack's Christmas decorations are a bit out of hand...To make this guy show up under black light, I painted him with GID paint.  Yup, I did.  All those needles.  That's dedication for you.
 This trio of ghosties were jelly fish in my Pirates of the Carribean haunted house...reuse, recycle.  So cool to be able to use them more than once!
 There's actually a trio of these reindeer, but you get the idea.
 Scary teddy is my favorite Nightmare toy.  He turned out so awesome!  Love him.
 Some more toys Jack loaded on the coffin sleigh.  Hubby made the coffin for me a few haunted houses ago, and it sure has come in handy, as a coffin, as a coffin boat for a skeletal pirate, and now as Jack's sleigh!
And Jack himself made an appearance, singing his little heart out.  so nice of him to take some time and delight the kids with his Master of Frightfulness : )

So, Sierra is a sixth grader this year, and I'm stepping out of the haunted house business.  It is so much fun, but takes up like an entire month of my time, and I'm so exhausted when it's over.  So, we ended with a bang I think, made some of the coolest props I've ever made, and I saw so many excited little faces on Friday, that I'll live off that for a long time.  One little girl went through the haunted house 7 times!!!!  I think she liked it : )

If you have any questions about any of the props, how to make them or anything like that, I'll help you as best I can : )

Saturday, October 11, 2014

WeWriWa - Let the celebrating begin...

Welcome one and all to Weekend Writing Warriors, the Millie Burns snippet edition.  On this here blog, you'll find my snippet of work, from my WIP.  If you follow the link above, you'll find oodles of other snippets to read.  All manner of genre's represented, by so many talented authors.  Click the link to learn more.

My snippet picks up where we last left off...Seamus proclaiming that Ravyn has made him the happiest man in the world.  

     Ravyn blushed, feeling guilty at the little charade she’d been playing.  Seamus really was a sweet guy, and it bothered her that she’d be breaking his heart soon.  She hoped.
     They all sat down to the table and loaded their plates with the savory fish, some fresh greens from the garden and little biscuits. 
     “Da, this is a celebratory dinner, shall we bring out the wine?”

     Murphy beamed at his son, “Yes lad, I believe you’re right.  Break out the wine and goblets, and let the celebrating begin.”

Saturday, October 4, 2014

WeWriWa - Mercy, make him stop!

Oooh, spooky!  It's October already.  I love this month and all the spooks and haunts, the tricks and the treats.  Nothing tricky about today though, it's WeWriWa day!  If you want to get a jump-start on trick or treating, follow the above link to a list of authors, that will treat you with their Sunday Snippet either from their released works, or something they're currently working on.  If you want to join in on the fun, and become a tricksy author, who's sharing their treats, then click the link, learn how to participate and join us!

Last week, Seamus was so excited by the apparent acceptance of himself and his father as Selkie men by the two lovely ladies, he started to jig, and then asked Ravyn to join him.  We pick up where we left off...
Ravyn took Seamus’s hand, and tried to mimic the intricate steps his feet made.  She came up on her toes, but rocked too far forward and fell into Seamus’s arms.  He lifted her up, spinning her in a circle.  As the room spun about, she noticed Murphy standing by her mother once more, his arm protectively encircling her waist.

Ravyn cried out, “Mercy, make him stop!”

The spinning slowed and Seamus set Ravyn down on a stool at the table.  He placed his hands on either side of her head, tipping her face up to his.  “Ye’ve made me the happiest man, Rayvn--I’m the luckiest gent in the land.”
So, glad you made it by.  Hope you all are having a wonderful start to autumn.  We've been enjoying some lovely California sunshine, but have been gifted with some rains sprinkled here and there, which has been lovely.  We can use all the wet we can get : )  I've been crafting Nightmare Before Christmas props for a haunted house I will be putting together in less than three weeks.  Augh, this girl has a lot to do!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

WeWriWa - Dance a jig wi' me...

Weekend Writing Warriors, Welcome.  And, if you aren't a warrior, and are wondering what they are, then click the link.  It'll tell you how to participate, if you have writing you want to share.  It'll also give you a list of some very talented authors, find you some new favorite authors to stalk.  Eight sentences of prey to pounce upon per website you choose to click.  Some authors lay out mystery, some romance, others toss out some fantasy.  There's just about something for everyone!

Last week, Lareina was allowed to see Murphy turn into a selkie, while Ravyn and Seamus looked on.  Lareina thought he was amazing and wasn't scared at all.  Let's see how this bit continues : )
     “See da, I tol’ ye!”  Seamus jumped in the air, clicking his heels out to the side.  He lifted up on his toes and drew his right knee up high in the air, swinging it forward then backward and out to the side before spinning a half step around.  Ravyn watched his feet flying over the wooden floor as he completed a full circle and stopped before her.  Seamus reached for her hand, “Come dance a jig wi’ me, my lass!”
     Ravyn laughed, “I don’t know how!”
     “Ah, it’s an easy enough thing if ye try.  Just follow my feet, I’ll lead.”

Saturday, September 20, 2014

WeWriWa - Aur, aur, aur

Psst, I've got a secret.  I'm gonna share it with you, so lean in close while I whisper it...It's Weekend Writing Warriors day!!!  Yes, it is.  I'm so excited and you should be too.  It's like Christmas, you never know what you are going to get when you click the links on the linky list.  You might get some sci-fi, or something a bit sensual and spicy.  Some links might provide you with giggles, and others might make you sigh.  I know you'll find writer's words that sweep you off your feet.  Every week, never fails.  Even better than Christmas, it comes 52 weeks a year instead of just a single day!  If you need further information, click the Warrior link above and it'll take you to the list of writer's you can peruse, and a lot of information should you decide you'd like to participate.

Last week, Murphy was chastising his son for having seal pelts with him.  I've skipped just a few sentences to pick up with Rowan handing his dad the skins and telling him to show Lareina something.  Murphy has asked Lareina not to get scared.
Murphy took the pelt from his son and tossed it across his back.  The gray fur covered his skin and his body elongated and puffed out with fat.  His hands and arms shrank back toward his body to then elongate and thin into glossy flippers.  His feet came together into hind flippers as his whole body sunk to the floor.  He grinned up at Lareina, his tiny white teeth showing as his whiskery cheeks pulled back, “Aur, aur, aur, aur!”

Lareina’s eyes glimmered with tears, “Oh, how marvelous.  What a wonderful gift--how could that scare me?”  She patted the large gray seal on the head, and bent over placing a gentle kiss upon his nose.
First draft.  C'mon peeps.  Tell me where my errors lie : )  It's starting to feel a little less like summer and a little more like autumn, much to my daughter's delight.  (I won't make chicken noodle soup till it's autumn time at least).  And, I made some homemade caramel for apples as well.  What a spoiled child : )  I hope your September is going well.  Thanks for taking the time to swing by and read and comment.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

WeWriWa - You are every bit a man...

Welcome to my humble little blog.  It has become a battleground for me, my weekend writing warrior battleground.  Here on these pages lie my WIP that I share eight sentences at a time, slashing and parrying with words, hoping to capture a few hearts and minds.  In turn, I sally forth to other warriors homes, to see what words have been thrown down for me to ponder.  In this way, through collective sharing and encouragement, the warrior's heart grows strong, and the writer's skills grow!  Click the link if you need more information and the linky list of many talented authors.
Last week, Ravyn and Ronan had returned from a walk and interrupted Lareina and Murphy getting acquainted.  Murphy noticed two seal skins hanging across his son's arm and asked him if he was daft?  We pick back up with Ronan's response...
Ronan threw his shoulders back, “Da, Ravyn thinks I’m amazing.  I showed her what I am, and she loves me and accepts me for it.”  He tossed the skins across the back of a chair.

“What you are?” Lareina asked.  “Darling, what does he mean?“ She grabbed Murphy’s arm, squeezing his muscles, “You are every bit a man.”  She giggled, laying her head on his shoulder.
"Oh  aye, that I am," Murphy assured her, reaching his arm about her and pulling her in for a squeeze, "but, the boy and me...we are a bit more than that as well."

Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday.  I am fighting off a little cold my darling daughter decided to share with me.  I will do my best to get to everyone today...but forgive me if I end up napping a bit : )


Saturday, September 6, 2014

WeWriWa - Are ye nae daft?

Welcome to September.  The end of summer and the beginning of autumn.  I love when the days begin to cool, and the leaves begin to change in a riot of colors.  I also love Sundays...year-round.   It's the day for reading and writing extravaganza, called WeWriWa.  A day to read little teases of writing, in a variety of styles, and a plethora of genres.  Need to know more?  Click the link, and you'll get all the info you need.

Last week, we were finishing off a little section of my current WIP that chronicled the interactions of cutie pie Prince Kes and his meanie auntie Zelera.  This week, I've moved to a section of story that shows a bit of what Ravyn (the heroine of this tale) and her mother Lareina have been involved with.  The ladies boat had been destroyed by a Kraken, and they had been saved by two seals...and now they're on a small island.  They've encountered two gentlemen who live on the island...

As they entered the cabin, Ravyn noticed Lareina and Murphy standing close together at the counter, their heads bumped up close to each other.  Ravyn heard her mother giggle.  Ravyn cleared her throat.
“Oh, you’re back...how was your walk?”
Murphy noticed the furs hanging from Ronan’s arm.  He glowered at his son.  “Are ye nae daft?  What are ya thinkin’?”

So this is from my Nano draft, if you encounter something that sounds odd to you, or confuses you, I'd love to know what it is.  As always, all comments are appreciated!  Have a wonderful Sunday my fellow warriors!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

WeWriWa - I won't make a peep!

It's time for another fun-filled edition of Weekend Writing Warriors.  Eight sentences at numerous blogs, of stories in just about every genre you could ask for.  Click the above link to find out more about the details, after you've read the eight sentences below, of course : )
I am continuing on from where we left off.  Zelera has just told Kes that he's pushed one too many buttons, and she's done trying to tell him a story...
Kes jutted out his bottom lip, opened his eyes wide and tipped his head down.  “I really am sorry, I did try to be good.”
“Listen, you just stay in here and be quiet.  If you do that, I’ll make you a special treat.  Would you like me to get you a cookie?”
Kes nodded, “I’ll be good, I promise...I won’t make a peep!”  He put his head down on the pillow and closed his eyes.  “Zzzzz,” he snored.

So, I'll try to get all around the blogosphere today and type coherently.  My middle child will have boarded a flight headed to Ireland for a semester abroad.  I will be tired, because I've been to the airport at too damn early in the morning...and I will be trying hard to keep a stiff upper lip.  I'm gonna miss her something fierce!  Hope you all are enjoying this last day of August! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

WeWriWa - I thought this story was about a Prince...

I'm back...did you miss me?  Last week, my warrior self was tackling the Sierra Nevada's with a knapsack on my back.  Completely off grid.  I did however, miss all my fellow warriors, and am glad to be back sharing eight lines from Zelera's Revenge.  If you don't know anything about Weekend Writing Warriors you should click on the link and find all the other amazing warrior authors sites.  There's bound to be a style of writing that your hunkering for.

Zelera has been trying to tell Kes a story.  She stated the prince in her story had a younger brother who was a cheat, and that's why the prince lost his birthright...If you'd like a reminder of what last occurred, click here.
“Well, if he used his magic, and it was better and the King liked it more, then how did he cheat?  Sounds like he won fair and square.”

“There is nothing fair and square about stealing a birthright.  That’s what she did.”

“She did?  I thought this story was about a Prince.”

“Oh,” she huffed, “You just go to sleep.  I can’t tell you a story, you’re insufferable.”
As always, love to hear your thoughts and opinions.  Nice to know if the piece is working or not : )

Saturday, August 9, 2014

WeWriWa - He cheated?

It's a wonderful Weekend Writing Warrior Sunday.  A day to slip along a linky list...at the aforementioned Warrior website, and read to your little hearts content.  Find stories, eight short sentences at a time, to whet your literary appetite.  Share how the delicacies made you feel with the word chefs, who delight in your comments and feedback!

Last week, we left little Kes with the blankets pulled over his head, as Zelera tries as patiently as she can to tell him a story so he'll go to sleep.  Let's see if she can get more than a word or two out?  He he he.  If you need to refresh your memory here's a link to last week's eight.
“Now, this Prince had a brother, a very selfish ugly brother.  The brother tricked the King, and pretended to be better at magic, better at studying, better at making people listen.  He was a cheater,” she seethed.

Kes peered over the blanket.  “He cheated?  Did he use his magic to cheat?”

“Yes, he used his magic to cheat.  Didn’t I just say that?”

Saturday, August 2, 2014

WeWriWa - Someday I'm gonna be king!

It's August already, my how time flies.  It's time for Weekend Writing Warriors!  A day to share eight lines of work published or in progress.  Then, using the linky list at the above website...you can click, click, click to your little hearts content, finding such a crazy variety of writing to sample.  If this is your first time here, welcome, I'm glad you found us.  If you are a returning Warrior, welcome as well, and I'm so glad you came back!

Last week, we left off with little Kes pushing Zelera's buttons as she is trying to tell him a story and get him to fall asleep.  Let's see how they're progressing.  I believe Kes is in the middle of interrupting her once more...

“Was he strong and smart?  My daddy’s the king, and he’s strong and smart.  I’m gonna be strong and smart too.  Someday I’m going to be the king!”

“Kes, who’s telling this story?  Please keep your mouth shut tight.”  She glared down at him.  He drew the blanket up over his head, blocking out her angry violet eyes.  

I always love your input, let me know what you think : )

Saturday, July 26, 2014

WeWriWa - I did promise to be good...

Psst.  Hey you, are you looking for a fix?  C'mon over here...click this link to Weekend Writing Warriors, they'll hook you up.  It matters not what kind of intoxication you seek.  There are snippets to read that will thrill you, snippets that will give you the shivers, and snippets that strike your funny bone.  But be careful...once you click the link, you're likely to do it again, and again.  It's addictive, and there's no 12-step program once you're snared--you might just be a lifer.  

I'm picking up where I left off last week.  Zelera has been trying to get her nephew Kes to take a nap, and is trying to tell him a story.  (Zelera has kidnapped the boy, and is learning a four-year old is not that easy to keep under control).  If you want last week's snippet as a reminder, you can find that here.

One of her nostrils flared, and a muscle over her eye twitched.  “No, this story has nothing to do with you.  Now, close your eyes and listen.”
“Sorry, meanie auntie.  I did promise to be good...didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did,” she agreed.  “Now, this little prince wanted very much to be the king someday.  He was the first born child, so it was his right.”

So whatcha think?  As always, I love to hear from you : )

Saturday, July 19, 2014

WeWriWa - Let me tell you a story...

Welcome to another exciting Weekend Writing Warrior day.  If you've happened here by chance, then oh boy, is this your lucky day.  All over the web, there are eight sentence snippets posted by a variety of writers, in a variety of genres.  There's bound to be something that stirs your breath, steals your breath away, or makes you hold your breath in fright.  Any way you look at it, it's a great pulmonary literary adventure : )  If you need more info, click on the above link to find out how this whole shebang works!
This week, I'm posting the next eight lines from my WIP - tentatively titled Zelera's Revenge.  Kes (a precocious young prince) has been kidnapped by his evil aunt -- Zelera.  If you'd like to read previous snippets, they can be found #1 here, #2 here, #3 here, and #4 last week.   A quick recap of last week, Zelera yanked Kes out from under the bed and dropped him down on his blankets...
     Zelera leaned down, her face inches from his own.  Her hot breath huffed against his cheek.  “Now,” she grunted, “Let me tell you a story.”  She smoothed back her hair as she straightened up.  Then her tall skeletal frame scrunched back down onto the stool.  She cleared her throat, “Once upon a time, there was a little prince.”

“Oh, is this story about me?  It is, isn’t it?"
So, this is all my first unedited draft.  Anything you bright eyes spot that needs a tweak?  Love your comments as always : )

Saturday, July 12, 2014

WeWriWa - Was he upside down?

A great big warrior whoop and holler to you.  It's Sunday, time for all brave and valiant Weekend Writing Warrior's to get their battle plans (at the aforementioned link) and charge forth to read and comment.  If you haven't a clue as to what I'm referring to, you should def-def-definitely check it out.  Might just become your favorite weekend pasttime : )

I am sharing eight more lines of interaction between Kes and Zelera.  If you remember last week, Kes tried to hide from his auntie under the bed.  Here's what happens next...

     Kes flattened his body, jamming himself as far back into the dark corner as possible.  All of a sudden something cold and hard wrapped around his ankles, and he felt himself sliding across the floor.  His head hit a bedrail with a loud kerthunk, “Ow, ow, ow,” he wailed.
     “You'd better knock it off right now mister, I’ve had just about enough.”  
     Kes noticed the room was upside down.  Or was he upside down?  The air whizzed past him as he saw the bed swing into view.  He landed with a soft plop. 

This is first draft.  So as always, love to hear your critique and comments. : )

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wewriwa - No, you're gonna eat me!

It's Hot in the City, Hot in the City...today!  We've had some warm times here in California this past week.  Today promises to be well over 100 degrees.  So what better way to cool off than to sit in front of the air conditioner with a tall cool drink of whatever makes you happy (I love a fresh mojito myself) and read eight cool sentences after another.  If you follow this very chill link, right Here it'll take you to the Weekend Writing Warriors linky do-dad with tons of authors whose stories just might chill you to the bone...or if your clime is cool, there are authors on the list that will heat you up with their eight little sentences (I've needed to fan myself many a time).

So last week, the evil Aunt Zelera, was preparing to read Kes a story, when he innocently compared her to a spider...and cried out ,"Oh no."  If you'd like to refresh your memory click ME : )

“What now,” she seethed, the smile quivering on her face while her eyes simmered with annoyance.
“If you’re a spider, I’m the fly.  You’re gonna eat me!”  He jumped down off the bed and scrambled to hide underneath it.  He pushed and squeezed and inched his way further into the dark corner, as far from meanie auntie as possible.
“Come out of there this instant young man,” Zelera screeched.
“No, you’re gonna eat me!”
“I am not going to eat you,” she shrieked, “but if you don’t come out this moment, I might just beat you black and blue.”

I'm going to be out hiking early this am, Pacific Time, so look for me to check back in with you all later this afternoon.  We are attempting to make a hike around the river/lake that we live on (approximately 13 miles) and get out and back before the temps are triple digits.  Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

WeWriWa - What is so funny?

On your mark, get set...GO!  And they're off, each Weekend Writing Warrior setting out eight sentences...tantalizing you with their hints and innuendo.  All you have to do is follow the link HERE and you're at the starting line.  Click link after link, read writing styles from various genres, stroke the ego's of the talented authorial athletes by commenting on what you've read, and don't stop till you get to the end.  You'll be rewarded with great free entertainment!  So get going!

This week is a continuation of where we left off last...Zelera and Kes are together in hiding.  The young boy captive has proven to be more of a handful than Zelera was prepared for and her nerves are frayed.  She's hoping to ease some of her tension by getting him to take a nap...

Zelera sat on a small stool next to his bed, her long bony legs bent up in sharp angles and her spindly arms reached over to pluck a book off the shelf.  Kes’ laugh echoed around the room.
“What is so funny?”
“You are a big old spider!”
“You should see yourself meanie auntie.  Your legs are all long and scary, like a spider.”  Then his eyes widened in fright, “Oh no!”

Saturday, June 21, 2014

WeWriWa - I'll try to be good?

Let's play a game of Mad Libs : )  Give me an exclamation (1), number (2), day of the week (3), verb (present tense) (4), noun (5), plural noun (6), adjective (7), adjective (8), adjective (9), adjective (10), beverage (11), piece of furniture (12), body part (13), verb (14).  You may want to write these down...Start with your exclamation and read on, filling in the blanks : )   _______________ (1)!  It's ____________(2) sentence _____________(3), or weekend ___________(4) warriors Sunday.  Click the _____________(5) here to find out about the ______________(6).  You'll also find links to ___________(7) authors whose snippets are______________(8), ________________(9), or maybe even ______________(10)!  Grab a cup of ______________(11), sit back on your _________________(12), and put your ______________(13) up.  Now ________________(14) through those snippets!  : ) 

This week I am giving you a look at a couple other characters from my WIP, Prince Kes (Ravyn's little brother) and Zelera (the villainess).  Zelera has kidnapped the young Prince, and is hiding out with him, but he has been more than a handful.  Let's peek in on them...

     “Thank you for letting me out Auntie, I promise I’ll be good.” Kes turned on his innocent, you gotta love me smile. It always worked on Momma when he got in trouble. If anything Aunt Zelera looked meaner and uglier than ever. “Er, I’ll try to be good?”
     He watched her face. The mean spirit never left, she only pasted on looks to try to hide her yucky. But Kes could always see the Dark edges hiding behind the false smiles.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

WeWriWa - 'she' promised it our souls...

It's Sunday, a Weekend Writing Warrior kind of day!  
"Say What?" you say.  
Lemme give you the skinny.  On Sunday, fine authory-type folks dole out eight sentences from their WIP or a published piece of writing.  They leave a trail that can be followed here.  Each link takes you to a different author, with their own unique voice, who strings words together in clever fashion.  Some tales are scary, some are downright sexy, some might make you giggle.  And, as far as I can tell, these folks love to hear from you.  So, take a few moments to sample a few treats and then tell 'em what you like about their writing!

I'm continuing with my WIP, still not really titled.  Last week Ravyn and Lareina were discussing the missing wine...and if the Mara had taken it.  Ravyn is the first to speak...

“No, the Mara showed up, and it wouldn't take the coin as a gift.  It said ‘she’ promised it our souls; that the Darkness didn’t care about rules.”
“It started giving me the most horrible visions,” Ravyn shuddered.
“I’m so sorry honey, you shouldn’t have been the one to deal with it, I should’ve been awake.”
“No, mom, it’s okay.  I only had to see those visions for a moment, you spent a whole night being tortured by them.  Besides, His Nibs showed up and saved the day.”

 So this is rough first draft, of course I always love to hear ideas on how to improve flow etc.  

Next weekend is Father's Day Weekend, and my wedding anniversary.  I'm heading to Monterey for some much needed family time, and likely won't post.  So happy Father's Day to those dad's who come by today in advance!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

WeWriWa - I didn't drink it all...

Now I wake me up from sleep, and pray for many blogs to sweep, and I should find great things to read, I k know my times spent well indeed!  Happy Sunday and a glorious Weekend Writing Warrior day to you : )  Pray tell on this blessed day, if you have no knowledge of the marvels of WeWriWa you should click the link.  It will take you to a most holy shrine filled with illuminating knowledge on the workings of this glorious tribe of scribes.

Last week, I left you with Lareina accusing Ravyn of drinking all the wine in a most disapproving motherly fashion...    

Ravyn started to chuckle, “I didn’t drink it.”
“Oh,” she blushed.  “Did I drink all that wine?  I remember sipping a little, but I swear I didn’t…oh my, and here I am lecturing you.”
Ravyn shook her head, “No, we had a guest.”
Lareina shrank back.  “The Mara?  Was that the gift it accepted?”

Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's another fantastic day, with fantastic goings-on.  It's a Weekend Writing Warriors day, filled with all manner of writing to get your brain percolating.  As I type these words, I am just salivating, thinking about all the great snippets I'm going to read as I hop around the web.  Snippets that will make me laugh, snippets that will make me cry, and snippets that will make me blush!  Are you still a bit confused about what I'm speaking of?  Then click the link above, and all will become clear!

This week, I'm sharing eight more lines with you from my WIP.  I have skipped over all kinds of things that show you what's happening with some of the other characters in the story.  I've taken up with Ravyn and her mother waking up the morning after the nasty unpleasantness with the Mara and the heroic antics of His Nibs.  Lareina had slept through the whole thing, and we start off with Ravyn speaking. 

“Mom, you ready to get going?”
Lareina rubbed the grit from her eyes.  “I think I actually got some rest last night.  Did it all go well?”
“Yeah, everything went fine,” Ravyn mumbled as she shoved the empty wine skin into her pack.

Lareina gazed at her for a moment.  “The wine skin’s empty?  Ravyn, I know we’ve been under a lot of stress, and I know drinking can make a person sort of relax and feel like their troubles are not as bad as they seem, but it’s a temporary fix, and drinking too much makes it difficult to think clearly…”

A big old heartfelt thank you to all veterans, those still alive, and those that watch over us as angels.  Your sacrifice is precious, and not in vain.  God bless.  

Saturday, May 10, 2014

WeWriWa - "You're safe now, mama."

It's a special day, it's Mother's Day and Weekend Writing Warriors to boot!  I welcome you to my humble blog to share this special day!  If you don't know what Weekend Writing Warrior's are all about, please click the above link.  I'm keeping it short and sweet as today is a busy day, and we all have lots to do.  Us mom's need to be pampered and fawned over, and of course we all need to give our mom's some loving.

I skipped ahead a bit in the story to sort of match the Mother's Day theme.  We pick up close to where we left off...The Mara has scooped up a golden coin, accepting His Nibs offer.  We pick up with His Nibs in action!

He spurred the sheep hard racing away from the campsite, hooting and hollering, while tossing coins over his shoulder.
The Mara turned its glowing eyes on Ravyn, and she shivered, brushing away the goosebumps that raced up her arms.  Then, he turned and scrabbled across the ground, scooping up the fallen gold, chasing down the plucky clurichaun.

Ravyn collapsed in a pile on the ground.  She looked over at her sleeping mother, blonde hair framing soft pale cheeks.  Ravyn curled up against her, draping her arm around Lareina, “You’re safe now, mama.”  His Nib’s hooting laugh echoed through the trees, and Ravyn smiled.  They certainly had been lucky this night.  

As it is Mother's Day, I will do my best to get to as many folks as possible today.  But, I may have to hit a few of you up in the next couple days.  Part of my time today is going to be spent on the road, so I can go give my Mom-in-law some love and appreciation.  She sure did raise a wonderful man, just perfect-like, all for me : )  Have a wonderful day full of love and appreciation!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

WeWriWa - I've got loadsh of coinzz!

Good morning and a fine howdy do!  It's Weekend Writing Warriors time.  Sunday has become my absolute favorite day of the week, specifically Sunday morning.  I pour a cup of coffee, find a cozy corner to hunker down in, and I read.  Eight sentences here...eight sentences there...in a variety of genres and styles.  If you have happened here by chance and are intrigued, click on the link above to Weekend Writing Warriors and get all the nitty gritty details.

This week I'm skipping ahead only a few lines, but am bringing you more of the interaction between our dear friend His Nibs and the Mara...

His Nibs leaped onto his sheep’s back.  He waved a red velvet sack around his head that jingled and jangled.  “C’mon you nassty shpecter!  I’ve got loadsh of coinzz!  I’ve got more giftz than yer nassty black butt ken gather!”  He kicked the sheep’s flank, and it lurched forward bleating loudly.  His Nibs flipped a gold coin over his shoulder. 
The Mara followed the coins arc through the air, and eyed it glimmering on the ground.  

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A to Z - Zowie!

This is it.  I’ve made it through the month, the weeks, the days.  I’ve put words down, words that made you think at times, maybe made you ponder, hopefully at times they’ve made you laugh. 
All in all, I’ve put down a mere 75 words at a time.  Flashes of fiction, and on occasion or maybe two…I’ve put down a cheat. 

I’ve made new friends.  I’ve learned new things.  All on A to Z!  Zowie!

This could potentially be, one of those times that I put down a cheat.  I sat here tonight, wondering what the heck I would write about...Zombies, Zealots, Zebras...nothing struck a chord in me.  So...you got Zowie, I flipping made it through the entire month!

Monday, April 28, 2014

A to Z - Young Once

"I told that young man if he came back, I'd make it worth his while", she said with a wink.
"Agnes, you didn't", gasped Mary.
"I most certainly did.  You're only young once, you know."
"But Agnes, you aren't young.  We live in a retirement home, and that young man only comes by because he's your Physical Therapist."
"I may not be young, but he sure is!  And, if it's physical, it's therapy."
"You are out of your mind."
"Where's my lipstick?  I gotta get ready.  I think I'm on his schedule this afternoon!"

A to Z - Xenophobia

“They’re so weird.  I wish they’d just go away.”
“I don’t know why they moved here.  They don’t belong.”
“I heard she is a contractor, IT or something.  She’s working for the government.  Taking away jobs from our young men.”
“Stupid greedy yanks!”
“If that’s not bad enough, I heard they eat dogs too!  Can you believe it?”
“Dogs?  That’s disgusting.  They are so strange.  I hate them.”

“Yeah, they eat them at baseball games.”     

Saturday, April 26, 2014

WeWriWa - "Ha ha!"

A beautiful calm day, everyone finds great help in jovial kindred.  Linking my novel or poem, quite rapidly, sharing the unfettered verse-WeWriWa!  As you might be able to tell...I'm a bit A to Z frazzled!  But it has been kind of exciting...this month thanks to both WeWriWa and A to Z, I'll have posted every single day! Whew! Never saw that one coming ; )

So, shall we get to today's snippet?  I'm going to give you seven lines...not eight.  I know, I'm holding out on you.  But here's the deal.  I either have to smash a bunch of stuff together using punctuation that's altogether unruly to make eight lines, or, I just stop shy of the mark, and possibly leave you wanting.  Sometimes, less is more : )  Last week, I heard several cries for a hero to save Ravyn from the Mara, who was flooding her with horrible visions.  Let's see if your pleas were answered...

His Nibs jumped up on a stump and rapped the Mara across its nubby head with his shillelagh.  “Oh, yer a tough nut, aren’t ye?  Good thing I know how to crack ya!” 
Ravyn felt her fears slipping away.

The Mara snarled and swiped at His Nibs, the sharp nails of his hand glinting in the firelight.  His Nibs cartwheeled to the side, laughing a hearty, “Ha ha!”  He darted behind the Mara as quick as a wink, delivering a pointy boot tip to the creature’s scaly butt.

A to Z - Weekend Writing Warriors

In Flash Fiction style, I am sharing magic with you, Weekend Writing Warriors (cue dramatic music).  This post is exactly eight sentences.  Because, that’s what happens every Sunday, writer’s from around the world share eight lines from their published work or WIP’s.  You hop, read and critique or comment.  Get insight into how your writing affects others.  There’re so many different genres and styles represented.  Find poetry, romance, fantasy, action and humor.  Come join us!

So, think about clicking that link and joining us this Sunday...c'mon, you know you want to!

Friday, April 25, 2014

A to Z - Vegas

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Or, the beholder, groans and loads his pipe with grass, softening the blow of waking up in Vegas wed to…her.  She’s the shape of a pineapple, clad in a garish muumuu.  Silvery locks fray from her bun, red lipstick smears her cheek (evidence of their romancing), bifocals dangle between her ample bosom.  Her sagging support hose bottom out her bridal ensemble along with her chunky orthopedic shoes.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A to Z - Underworld

Psyche parts her lips and draws a coin from between her teeth.  She drops the coin into Charon’s left palm.  Fiery eyes burn into her soul from beneath a soiled cloak.  “You may enter,” he says, his voice grating her nerves.  She teeters on the edge of the dock, the River Styx lapping against her hems.  Venus’ box for Prosperina tucked safe under arm, she leaps into the boat.  Charon’s pole splashes down. She’s off.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A to Z - Thankful

His eyes rove over me, drinking in all my curves.  And there are a few after three children and twenty three years together.  But his eyes still sparkle with delight when I slip off my clothes at the end of the night.  His lips seek out mine, hungry but sweet.  Lips that gently brush against my skin, telling me I am the only woman in the world-in his world.  The only world for me.

My dear sweet husband, today's post is for you.  I probably don't tell you often enough, not near as much as you deserve.  You are amazing, and I love you!