A to Z Challenge

Monday, February 18, 2013

When feeling ill is a good thing...

This weekend, I was going to go out of town and visit my in-laws and also get to visit with my sister. However, after dinner on Valentine's Day, I started to feel funky. Not a full on flu bug, not even the nastiest of colds...but I just felt all hurdy gurdy inside.

I rested all day Friday hoping it'd go away. Saturday morning I woke up thinking, yeah, I'm gonna be able to go. We're going to be able to go! Then a wave of nausea washed over me and I felt like crying. I absolutely didn't want to bring germs to my family and decided to stay home, so hubby and the sweet Sierra headed off over the river and through the woods...

I'm bummed I missed being with my family, but at the same time, I have been receiving lots of pictures and texts from Ron and Sierra about their weekend. We've had a face-time every evening, where a very excited nine-year recounts the details of the day with much gusto! I'm seeing a beautiful memory being made for my daughter with her dad and now I'm actually kinda glad I didn't go. Grammie spoiled them with steak and lobster for dinner. Sierra said, "Grammie is the best cook!"

The next day they got to play a very intense game of hide and seek. My sister has a dog that she's training for Search and Rescue. So, they got to go lay tracks and find a place to hide out and wait. Hiding together, playing games on the iphone while they waited, just the two of them! Watching the dogs follow their scent and Gini getting all excited when she makes the "I found you" pounce! So fun.

Today, they are doing something that wouldn't have happened had I gone on the trip. Not because I don't like this type of thing, but we just would've headed back home to get ready for the rest of the week. But today, Ron is taking Sierra on a glider ride.

How cool is that? They will be soaring like two happy little birds, riding the thermals, gliding over the fields and viewing some of the most spectacular mountains in the United States, The Sierra Nevada's.

So, normally I don't like feeling funky. But, in this instance...I'm glad it gave the two of them a daddy-daughter weekend. It's something special that they have all their own.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just keep writing...

So I entered the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Couldn't hurt, but could definitely help. Today the first round finalists were listed.

My heart broke a bit when I realized that my name was sadly absent.

It took a few minutes. I thought I might sniffle a bit. But, no tears...just that little hollow feeling.

But, when I really thought about it, I realized, I'm okay. It's a learning experience. My pitch didn't do the job, therefore I need to work on my pitch.

Let's face it, writing the story is the easy part. All the stuff that comes after is where the real work lies. All the edits, the proofing, the marketing, the pitching...

I find the marketing and pitching to be the most difficult part of the writer life. I don't want to push my work on others. I don't want to come off like I think I'm the greatest thing since...well, pick your favorite cliché. I just want to tell a story that draws the reader into the world I've created, taking them on a harrowing journey with some wild and crazy characters. I want to entertain.

So as a very memory deficient little fish once said, "Just keep writing, that's what we do, we wriiiiiiite!"

Friday, February 1, 2013

Harpy Havoc

I hope you enjoy this scene from my WIP, tentatively entitled Zelera's Revenge. It gives you a glimpse into the types of characters that make up the world of Aigerach.

Medina loved flying. Nothing in the world felt so good. The wind caressed her, held her in its embrace, lifting her up to soar in the heavens. She had risen above the fog, and off in the distance she could see the lightening of the sky to a soft dusky blue. The sounds of gulls rose up to her through the mist, their screeching cries as they fought for whatever they found in the detritus of the sinking ships. She glanced out to the horizon once more, the sky glowing orange rimmed in gold. The sun glimmered on the horizon, peeking up its head for the dawn of a new day.

Medina dropped down into the fog, following the clamor of angry voices, frightened voices. She slid along the currents of air, to land on a ship's yard. The crow's nest appeared empty, so she lifted off to land on the lip of the barrel shaped enclosure that perched atop the mast.

"Ah, what manner of monster are you?"

Medina peered into the barrel. A small lad cowered down, arms over his head. He peeked out over his arm, squealed, then ducked his head back under.
"I'm not a monster," she clucked, "I'm a harpy." She chuckled and tossed her head, flipping her auburn hair. They boy kept his head down, his whole body shaking. Medina dropped into the nest.

"Ah," he cried. "Kill me quick. I don't want to be alive when you eat me."

"Eat you," she sneered, "you are nothing but skin and bones, why would I eat you?" She reached out a gentle hand and patted his back.

He lifted his eyes, peering at her freckled face. "You aren't going to eat me?" he breathed.

"Of course not, I never eat skinny humans, I prefer the fat ones," she leered at him.

He pushed to his feet, his hands groping for the pull cord to the alarm bell. Medina cackled, "Joke, boy. It was a joke. Apparently, it wasn't very funny." She smirked as the boy collapsed back down into the nest, the wind out of his sails.

"Wh-what are you doing here?" he asked.

"Checking to see what my enemies are up to," she said, raising an eyebrow. "And I find them running amok, plum wild out of their wits."

The boys eyes widened. "We were attacked in the middle of the night. The ships just started exploding, no one saw how it happened. It was...magic," he breathed. "Aigerach is filled with magic and monsters. None of us wanted to come here, but the King..."

"Ah yes, your King. How did Zelera manage to capture your King's heart?"

The boy looked down, "I don't know. Who's to say what makes a person fall in love. But, we're here to get her back, or die trying."

"Do you feel that strongly about her, willing to risk your life for her?"

He glared at her. "Why are you asking so many questions?"

Medina fluffed her feathers and pulled back, reading anger and distrust written across the boy's face. "I thought we were just talking."

"You're a spy. You're gathering our secrets." He jumped to his feet, yanking hard on the alarm bell cord. A sharp clanging rent the air.

Medina spread her wings, leaping to the edge of the crow's nest. She flapped her wings, blasting air into the boy's face. He covered his head under his arms. "You are an ignorant little cuss," she cried. "I had thought at first I would be able to call you friend, but I can see you cling blindly to your prejudiced notions. I hope you make it through this war my boy, you have no idea what you fight for."

She leaped into the sky just as a harpoon sliced through the air to her side. Old harpy tendencies popped to the surface, and she began a torrential stream of cursing that rained down over the ship, causing even the most veteran of sailors' cheeks to burn.

She hovered in the air, the open sea at her back, "You are all ignorant fools, fighting against magic to save one who is the greatest perversion of it!"