A to Z Challenge

Saturday, May 31, 2014

WeWriWa - I didn't drink it all...

Now I wake me up from sleep, and pray for many blogs to sweep, and I should find great things to read, I k know my times spent well indeed!  Happy Sunday and a glorious Weekend Writing Warrior day to you : )  Pray tell on this blessed day, if you have no knowledge of the marvels of WeWriWa you should click the link.  It will take you to a most holy shrine filled with illuminating knowledge on the workings of this glorious tribe of scribes.

Last week, I left you with Lareina accusing Ravyn of drinking all the wine in a most disapproving motherly fashion...    

Ravyn started to chuckle, “I didn’t drink it.”
“Oh,” she blushed.  “Did I drink all that wine?  I remember sipping a little, but I swear I didn’t…oh my, and here I am lecturing you.”
Ravyn shook her head, “No, we had a guest.”
Lareina shrank back.  “The Mara?  Was that the gift it accepted?”

Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's another fantastic day, with fantastic goings-on.  It's a Weekend Writing Warriors day, filled with all manner of writing to get your brain percolating.  As I type these words, I am just salivating, thinking about all the great snippets I'm going to read as I hop around the web.  Snippets that will make me laugh, snippets that will make me cry, and snippets that will make me blush!  Are you still a bit confused about what I'm speaking of?  Then click the link above, and all will become clear!

This week, I'm sharing eight more lines with you from my WIP.  I have skipped over all kinds of things that show you what's happening with some of the other characters in the story.  I've taken up with Ravyn and her mother waking up the morning after the nasty unpleasantness with the Mara and the heroic antics of His Nibs.  Lareina had slept through the whole thing, and we start off with Ravyn speaking. 

“Mom, you ready to get going?”
Lareina rubbed the grit from her eyes.  “I think I actually got some rest last night.  Did it all go well?”
“Yeah, everything went fine,” Ravyn mumbled as she shoved the empty wine skin into her pack.

Lareina gazed at her for a moment.  “The wine skin’s empty?  Ravyn, I know we’ve been under a lot of stress, and I know drinking can make a person sort of relax and feel like their troubles are not as bad as they seem, but it’s a temporary fix, and drinking too much makes it difficult to think clearly…”

A big old heartfelt thank you to all veterans, those still alive, and those that watch over us as angels.  Your sacrifice is precious, and not in vain.  God bless.  

Saturday, May 10, 2014

WeWriWa - "You're safe now, mama."

It's a special day, it's Mother's Day and Weekend Writing Warriors to boot!  I welcome you to my humble blog to share this special day!  If you don't know what Weekend Writing Warrior's are all about, please click the above link.  I'm keeping it short and sweet as today is a busy day, and we all have lots to do.  Us mom's need to be pampered and fawned over, and of course we all need to give our mom's some loving.

I skipped ahead a bit in the story to sort of match the Mother's Day theme.  We pick up close to where we left off...The Mara has scooped up a golden coin, accepting His Nibs offer.  We pick up with His Nibs in action!

He spurred the sheep hard racing away from the campsite, hooting and hollering, while tossing coins over his shoulder.
The Mara turned its glowing eyes on Ravyn, and she shivered, brushing away the goosebumps that raced up her arms.  Then, he turned and scrabbled across the ground, scooping up the fallen gold, chasing down the plucky clurichaun.

Ravyn collapsed in a pile on the ground.  She looked over at her sleeping mother, blonde hair framing soft pale cheeks.  Ravyn curled up against her, draping her arm around Lareina, “You’re safe now, mama.”  His Nib’s hooting laugh echoed through the trees, and Ravyn smiled.  They certainly had been lucky this night.  

As it is Mother's Day, I will do my best to get to as many folks as possible today.  But, I may have to hit a few of you up in the next couple days.  Part of my time today is going to be spent on the road, so I can go give my Mom-in-law some love and appreciation.  She sure did raise a wonderful man, just perfect-like, all for me : )  Have a wonderful day full of love and appreciation!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

WeWriWa - I've got loadsh of coinzz!

Good morning and a fine howdy do!  It's Weekend Writing Warriors time.  Sunday has become my absolute favorite day of the week, specifically Sunday morning.  I pour a cup of coffee, find a cozy corner to hunker down in, and I read.  Eight sentences here...eight sentences there...in a variety of genres and styles.  If you have happened here by chance and are intrigued, click on the link above to Weekend Writing Warriors and get all the nitty gritty details.

This week I'm skipping ahead only a few lines, but am bringing you more of the interaction between our dear friend His Nibs and the Mara...

His Nibs leaped onto his sheep’s back.  He waved a red velvet sack around his head that jingled and jangled.  “C’mon you nassty shpecter!  I’ve got loadsh of coinzz!  I’ve got more giftz than yer nassty black butt ken gather!”  He kicked the sheep’s flank, and it lurched forward bleating loudly.  His Nibs flipped a gold coin over his shoulder. 
The Mara followed the coins arc through the air, and eyed it glimmering on the ground.