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Saturday, September 27, 2014

WeWriWa - Dance a jig wi' me...

Weekend Writing Warriors, Welcome.  And, if you aren't a warrior, and are wondering what they are, then click the link.  It'll tell you how to participate, if you have writing you want to share.  It'll also give you a list of some very talented authors, find you some new favorite authors to stalk.  Eight sentences of prey to pounce upon per website you choose to click.  Some authors lay out mystery, some romance, others toss out some fantasy.  There's just about something for everyone!

Last week, Lareina was allowed to see Murphy turn into a selkie, while Ravyn and Seamus looked on.  Lareina thought he was amazing and wasn't scared at all.  Let's see how this bit continues : )
     “See da, I tol’ ye!”  Seamus jumped in the air, clicking his heels out to the side.  He lifted up on his toes and drew his right knee up high in the air, swinging it forward then backward and out to the side before spinning a half step around.  Ravyn watched his feet flying over the wooden floor as he completed a full circle and stopped before her.  Seamus reached for her hand, “Come dance a jig wi’ me, my lass!”
     Ravyn laughed, “I don’t know how!”
     “Ah, it’s an easy enough thing if ye try.  Just follow my feet, I’ll lead.”

Saturday, September 20, 2014

WeWriWa - Aur, aur, aur

Psst, I've got a secret.  I'm gonna share it with you, so lean in close while I whisper it...It's Weekend Writing Warriors day!!!  Yes, it is.  I'm so excited and you should be too.  It's like Christmas, you never know what you are going to get when you click the links on the linky list.  You might get some sci-fi, or something a bit sensual and spicy.  Some links might provide you with giggles, and others might make you sigh.  I know you'll find writer's words that sweep you off your feet.  Every week, never fails.  Even better than Christmas, it comes 52 weeks a year instead of just a single day!  If you need further information, click the Warrior link above and it'll take you to the list of writer's you can peruse, and a lot of information should you decide you'd like to participate.

Last week, Murphy was chastising his son for having seal pelts with him.  I've skipped just a few sentences to pick up with Rowan handing his dad the skins and telling him to show Lareina something.  Murphy has asked Lareina not to get scared.
Murphy took the pelt from his son and tossed it across his back.  The gray fur covered his skin and his body elongated and puffed out with fat.  His hands and arms shrank back toward his body to then elongate and thin into glossy flippers.  His feet came together into hind flippers as his whole body sunk to the floor.  He grinned up at Lareina, his tiny white teeth showing as his whiskery cheeks pulled back, “Aur, aur, aur, aur!”

Lareina’s eyes glimmered with tears, “Oh, how marvelous.  What a wonderful gift--how could that scare me?”  She patted the large gray seal on the head, and bent over placing a gentle kiss upon his nose.
First draft.  C'mon peeps.  Tell me where my errors lie : )  It's starting to feel a little less like summer and a little more like autumn, much to my daughter's delight.  (I won't make chicken noodle soup till it's autumn time at least).  And, I made some homemade caramel for apples as well.  What a spoiled child : )  I hope your September is going well.  Thanks for taking the time to swing by and read and comment.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

WeWriWa - You are every bit a man...

Welcome to my humble little blog.  It has become a battleground for me, my weekend writing warrior battleground.  Here on these pages lie my WIP that I share eight sentences at a time, slashing and parrying with words, hoping to capture a few hearts and minds.  In turn, I sally forth to other warriors homes, to see what words have been thrown down for me to ponder.  In this way, through collective sharing and encouragement, the warrior's heart grows strong, and the writer's skills grow!  Click the link if you need more information and the linky list of many talented authors.
Last week, Ravyn and Ronan had returned from a walk and interrupted Lareina and Murphy getting acquainted.  Murphy noticed two seal skins hanging across his son's arm and asked him if he was daft?  We pick back up with Ronan's response...
Ronan threw his shoulders back, “Da, Ravyn thinks I’m amazing.  I showed her what I am, and she loves me and accepts me for it.”  He tossed the skins across the back of a chair.

“What you are?” Lareina asked.  “Darling, what does he mean?“ She grabbed Murphy’s arm, squeezing his muscles, “You are every bit a man.”  She giggled, laying her head on his shoulder.
"Oh  aye, that I am," Murphy assured her, reaching his arm about her and pulling her in for a squeeze, "but, the boy and me...we are a bit more than that as well."

Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday.  I am fighting off a little cold my darling daughter decided to share with me.  I will do my best to get to everyone today...but forgive me if I end up napping a bit : )


Saturday, September 6, 2014

WeWriWa - Are ye nae daft?

Welcome to September.  The end of summer and the beginning of autumn.  I love when the days begin to cool, and the leaves begin to change in a riot of colors.  I also love Sundays...year-round.   It's the day for reading and writing extravaganza, called WeWriWa.  A day to read little teases of writing, in a variety of styles, and a plethora of genres.  Need to know more?  Click the link, and you'll get all the info you need.

Last week, we were finishing off a little section of my current WIP that chronicled the interactions of cutie pie Prince Kes and his meanie auntie Zelera.  This week, I've moved to a section of story that shows a bit of what Ravyn (the heroine of this tale) and her mother Lareina have been involved with.  The ladies boat had been destroyed by a Kraken, and they had been saved by two seals...and now they're on a small island.  They've encountered two gentlemen who live on the island...

As they entered the cabin, Ravyn noticed Lareina and Murphy standing close together at the counter, their heads bumped up close to each other.  Ravyn heard her mother giggle.  Ravyn cleared her throat.
“Oh, you’re back...how was your walk?”
Murphy noticed the furs hanging from Ronan’s arm.  He glowered at his son.  “Are ye nae daft?  What are ya thinkin’?”

So this is from my Nano draft, if you encounter something that sounds odd to you, or confuses you, I'd love to know what it is.  As always, all comments are appreciated!  Have a wonderful Sunday my fellow warriors!