A to Z Challenge

Friday, September 28, 2012


I am sitting here thinking how lucky I am. Really, truly lucky. We make so many choices throughout our lives, and many of them can have serious, even deadly repercussions. But despite my making a few stupid ones, I sit here largely unmolested by personal demons, unscathed even though certain choices made could have ended very badly. Glad that the most important choices met with fantastic success.

I love and am loved. I have a roof over my head. I have food in my belly. I have children who are growing and maturing before my very eyes. I can sit back and smile, because they know about honesty, responsibility, and perseverance.

I write, something I've always wanted to do, because my dear husband has always had more faith in me than I have ever had in myself. I sometimes feel like 'Mater, "I know I done good." "With What?" "Choosing my best friend." That day so many years ago, when he knelt in the sand on a beach in Santa Cruz, was the most important day of my life. The most amazing blessing I could ever ask for, made me know there is a God in heaven, that he would place this wonderful man before me. And today, his blessing continues, as that very same wonderful man, still loves me with all his heart.

Yes, I am blessed.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Busy writing...

I've been a lil' neglectful of this humble blog. Not that I have intended to, but my excuse is rather good.

I've been writing! It's so much fun to plot and plan new adventures for Ravyn and the whole gang from Return of the Crown. I've spent some time researching a few new characters who can't wait for their turn on the printed page.

I can't say my domestic goddess duties have been getting much attention either. So, sorry house. Sorry laundry. Sorry messy desk. You'll all just have to wait for your turn!

And so, I know, this is very short. But...Zelera's up to her nasty tricks again, and the pull of the story is calling. Adieu for now, I must return to Aigerach!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A little Look-y Loo

Fel Wetzig of the wonderful Revolting Peasants Blog www.scotzig.com tagged me in "The Look Challenge." I am excited and delighted to participate!

If you have never heard of this challenge, don't worry, I hadn't heard of it either. It goes just like this...find the word “look” in your WIP and post the paragraphs. Easy Peasy!

As my WIP is in its earliest stages, I feared I may not have the word look written down yet. But guess what? Yup, it appeared. So, without further ado, I share with you a tiny peek into what happens after Return of the Crown (I haven't decided on the book's title yet...)!

Lareina shook her head, clearing away the frailty of moments before. She sobered up, once again wearing her queenly expression and rose to her feet stiff but proud.

"Mom, I think you should sit back down. You still don't look well."

"Ravyn, I'm fine. I was being foolish, we have important things to do."

"You were reacting to a frightening situation, you're still in shock." The hard expression on her mother's face showed only determination and anger, no hint of weakness or fear still lingered.

Ravyn traced the petal of a soft rose in her wedding bouquet. Tears welled below the surface, the dam holding them back threatening to burst. She patted her cheeks and took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. The little oak chest containing her wedding ring sat forlorn by her bouquet. Kes was to carry that chest. Nothing is ever easy. She looked into her mother's eyes, "You don't think Zelera hurt Kes, do you? I swear, I'll kill her if she hurts him in any way."

A flicker of worry flashed in Lareina's eyes, but she shook her head slightly. "No, I don't think she's hurt him. Yet." She brushed a stray lock of hair away from Ravyn's face, sighing. "Thank you Ravyn. Once again, you are sacrificing for Aigerach."

Well, that was fun, now I get to nominate 5 folks to carry on the torch!
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wild and Wacky Interview

I realized with horror, that I've neglected this blog. It's been over a week with nary a post.

I've been busy writing a press release, researching for my WIP and writing as well, along with all the other mundane tasks of being me.

However, I also was invited to take part in a very fun interview that I'd love to share with you. Please take a moment if you have one to spare and follow the link below. It's a bit of silly fun. Leave a comment and share in the giggles.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A review - 75 Words

A new review. From someone I don't know personally, but whose opinion I respect. Will she like it? Will she hate it? Please, please, please don't let her revile it. I click the link and I'm at her blog. Up pops my book cover. I hold my breath while reading the review. Breathe. It's four of five stars! She notes places I can improve my writing style, I'll take note. But, she would recommend it!


Yup, see that little plaque, it crowns me the winner of the Third Zehrung Family Cribbage tournament! I took the title. Just a little crowing to be done.

There were 14 of us playing, three rounds. Each round gave you either positive points that you won by or negative points you lost by. The final score is a tally of the three rounds. Names are drawn from a hat randomly and each round you get a different opponent. We all agreed not to call muggins. So, no stealing points, if someone miscounts their hand. You didn't have to point out any uncounted points by your partner though, if you didn't want to.

Round one, I'm up against my brother-in-law. It was a good back and forth game, and I was actually generous in pointing out where he miscounted points in his hand (this is not a strong suit of mine, as I am quite competetive), but I wanted him to learn how to play better. The cards were ever in my favor though, I had three very nice hands loaded with fives and face cards. My cribs weren't stingy either. Sorry bud, I've got you by 29.

Next, I get to play my sister. This game worries me, and there is a lot of give and take with the cards. I'm up a few points, she's up a few points. But again, lady luck is with me and I pull out a win with 20 more points. I'm up to a score of 49! Woo hoo!

As we tally everyone's scores and get ready to pull names out of the hat we discover something crazy amazing. I'm tied with the grand poobah of cribbage...my dad! No way. Yes way! Through unanimous decision, the random aspect is tossed slightly out the window, and we are slated to play each other.

The tension builds. The crisp snap of the cards resounds as they are shuffled. We draw cards to see who starts the deal...he draws a lower card and gets the first crib. The game is afoot. I have a cold beer waiting for me, but I forgo any alcohol until this thing is over. Don't want anything to dull my wits. Games are won by a single point, this is serious business here. This is the closest game by far, our little pegs frog leap each other around the tiny track. I'm starting to worry. My heart is racing. Final hand is dealt. It's his crib, if my hand sucks, he's sure to win. It's time for the final play, this is nerve racking as we are both within a few holes from the end. We both peg a few points but he is still five holes from the finish as the play draws to a close and I have a killer hand waiting to be placed on the table. I wear smugness like it's cashmere. I count first. He knows the jig is up. I place down a hand filled with 5's and faces. I jump to my feet and throw my giddy arms around his neck and say not very convincingly, "I'm sorry daddy!" He pulls me in for a big old bear hug and says, "If I had to lose, I'm happy to lose to you." Aw, almost makes me feel bad about being excited, but not enough!!! And, looking into his bright blue eyes, I know he delievered those words with 100% conviction. What an awesome daddy!