A to Z Challenge

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yup, see that little plaque, it crowns me the winner of the Third Zehrung Family Cribbage tournament! I took the title. Just a little crowing to be done.

There were 14 of us playing, three rounds. Each round gave you either positive points that you won by or negative points you lost by. The final score is a tally of the three rounds. Names are drawn from a hat randomly and each round you get a different opponent. We all agreed not to call muggins. So, no stealing points, if someone miscounts their hand. You didn't have to point out any uncounted points by your partner though, if you didn't want to.

Round one, I'm up against my brother-in-law. It was a good back and forth game, and I was actually generous in pointing out where he miscounted points in his hand (this is not a strong suit of mine, as I am quite competetive), but I wanted him to learn how to play better. The cards were ever in my favor though, I had three very nice hands loaded with fives and face cards. My cribs weren't stingy either. Sorry bud, I've got you by 29.

Next, I get to play my sister. This game worries me, and there is a lot of give and take with the cards. I'm up a few points, she's up a few points. But again, lady luck is with me and I pull out a win with 20 more points. I'm up to a score of 49! Woo hoo!

As we tally everyone's scores and get ready to pull names out of the hat we discover something crazy amazing. I'm tied with the grand poobah of cribbage...my dad! No way. Yes way! Through unanimous decision, the random aspect is tossed slightly out the window, and we are slated to play each other.

The tension builds. The crisp snap of the cards resounds as they are shuffled. We draw cards to see who starts the deal...he draws a lower card and gets the first crib. The game is afoot. I have a cold beer waiting for me, but I forgo any alcohol until this thing is over. Don't want anything to dull my wits. Games are won by a single point, this is serious business here. This is the closest game by far, our little pegs frog leap each other around the tiny track. I'm starting to worry. My heart is racing. Final hand is dealt. It's his crib, if my hand sucks, he's sure to win. It's time for the final play, this is nerve racking as we are both within a few holes from the end. We both peg a few points but he is still five holes from the finish as the play draws to a close and I have a killer hand waiting to be placed on the table. I wear smugness like it's cashmere. I count first. He knows the jig is up. I place down a hand filled with 5's and faces. I jump to my feet and throw my giddy arms around his neck and say not very convincingly, "I'm sorry daddy!" He pulls me in for a big old bear hug and says, "If I had to lose, I'm happy to lose to you." Aw, almost makes me feel bad about being excited, but not enough!!! And, looking into his bright blue eyes, I know he delievered those words with 100% conviction. What an awesome daddy!


  1. Congratulations on your win! :)

    1. Why thank you. It was a fun day, but we sure were missing several people!!!