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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Don't go Dragon my Heart Around...

Good day you all!  I'm so excited to be bringing Ena out of Aigerach to meet you, but I'd better get you all prepped before she arrives.  She is probably one of my "favoritest" (yes, I know that's not a real word, but I like the way it sounds) characters (don't tell her that though, it'll go right to her head).  She is a momma dragon.  So, she looks and acts a bit scary, but I promise her smoke is worse than her flame. (Millie cups hand to ears) Ah, here she comes...I recognize those wing beats a mile off.  If you have any loose sheets of paper about, you might want to weigh them down.


E:  Well, I'm here.  I'll have you know I passed over a very nice herd of cows on my way here.
M:  (Cringes) Ena, I'm on a budget.  Please tell me I don't owe an angry rancher thousands of dollars...please...
E:  I didn't eat his cows, I did however enjoy his goats!  Did you know that goats can faint?  Funniest damn thing I ever saw.  I swooped down over the herd, and they all started ya-a-a-am-mer-ring then they got all stiff-legged and keeled over.  I had to make three passes, it amused me so much!
M:  (Sigh) How many did you eat?
E:  I ate before I left Aigerach.  Put, your wallet away, I didn't eat a one.  Now, what kind of silly questions did you want to ask me? 
M:  Well, the people following the Indie Blog Hop would like to know a little about you, like how would you describe yourself, you know, what you look like...
E:  Bah, this is ridiculous.  You brought me here for me to boast about my magnificent scarlet scales?  My sleek profile, my glistening white teeth?  You want me to brag about being the most intelligent, brave, and fiery dragon one could ever hope to meet?  Well, too bad.  I just won't do it.  You'll have to tell them about me, that is your job as the author, isn't it?
M:  (Chuckle) Sure thing, Ena likes to come across as a toughie, but she's got a golden heart to go along with her golden eyes.  She is fiercely loyal, and really doesn't despise humans as much as she pretends.
E:  I do too!  You are a chaotic, self-absorbed race that doesn't always pay attention to what your actions have on others and the world around you.  Killing dragons for their skin, their bones.  Stealing eggs.  Tramping around the world, claiming anything that isn't nailed down as belonging to you.  Humans are worthless!
M:  So who's your best friend?
E:  Ravyn...
M:  And she's...
E: (Growl) human.
M:  So, c'mon fess up, what do you like about human's?  There has to be something you like.
E:  I like Ravyn.  She's brave.  The first time I met her, I thought she'd stolen my egg, and I'd set fire to the remains of her raft, and I have to admit, I was a little out of control at the time.  She stood before me, bare before my teeth and talons, a shish kebab before my flame.  She didn't flinch, didn't waver.  She earned my respect that day.  Even took responsibility for her aunt stealing my egg, and promised to return it to me if she could.
M:  That's nice.  Anything else you like about humans?
E:  I like that you keep your herds outdoors!  Fly by dining...so clever!  And in the case of the goats, dinner and a show!
M:  Okay, so let's just change the subject.  If you could flambĂ©' one character from either Return of the Crown or Zelera's Revenge...who would it be and why?
E:  Hmm...interesting question.  Are  you planning on killing someone off, and would like me to do it for you? 
M:  No, just curious who you would be tempted to eat, if I'd let you...
E:  If you'd let me! (Snort) Well, there's that His Nibs character.  I've never eaten a Clurichaun.  They're drunk all the time, so I wonder what that would do to the meat?  Might give it a savory flavor.  Or there's that Selkie lad Ronan.  I've been dying to get a seafood sample.
M:  So you don't want to eat Zelera?  She stole your egg, she's the villain...wouldn't there be some justice in eating her?
E:  Now, if you'd just asked about flambĂ©ing and not eating, I'd have said Zelera.  But you then clarified your question by asking who I'd like to eat, and she would taste like crap, so I'd just want to torch her!  But those other two really pique my palate...no?  Not going to eat one of them? 
M:  Nope, not right now...
E:  Well, if that's all, I'd like to get back to Aigerach.  I've got some new skills to teach to Ardan, we've been working on wake turbulence and wind-speed.
M:  Thanks Ena, I think everyone had a good chance to get to know you a little.
E:  Please let your friends know, they look delicious, they're lucky I have no time today.
M:  Alright, get back to your business.  Thanks for taking the time to visit!
So yeah, I promise, you were never really in any danger.  She is completely under my contro--(ducks head as large stream of flame erupts)
E:  Oops, sorry, had a little hiccup!

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  1. Ahah, I can see her eat Ronan, lol.
    I might let her eat Kamaril too.

  2. Well, she does seem fond of the idea of seafood...I wonder if she'd like him as sashimi or if she'd want to torch him first?

  3. LOL, I still have the image of the fainting goats in my head.

    1. Hee hee hee, Ena thought they were pretty fun too. Apparently she made a few passes on her way back to Aigerach as well!

  4. You are one brave person to interview a dragon, thanks for getting Ena out here. I can't wait to hear more about her and the story.

    1. Thanks Elaine, she huffs and puffs, but she's really a big marshmallow : )