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Monday, August 26, 2013

What's a girl to read? Indie Blog Hop - 5th Post

My current TBR list is enormous!  I have so many things sitting in wait, it's not funny.  Recently, I had the fortune to win three books in a rafflecopter thing-a-ma-jig!  How cool is that?  So, I'm reading the first of my winnings...

I have only just started into it.  Maybe third chapter, but so far, so good.  It is about a girl who hears voices in her head...and they want her help.  Needless to say, she's kind of freaking out, because the voices can be pretty insistent.  Looks like there will be a couple love interest options, sensitive young men who want to help her...we'll see how that all works out. 

So far, it's been good.  Lots of tension and plenty of unanswered questions (I am just a couple chapters in).  So, I'll have to post a full review when I get it finished.


  1. Oh! Bonus books! Congrats on the win. I hope Spirit World continues to be good.

  2. Hmm... If only the voices in my head were helpful. They just force me to write. I've heard of this author, so I can't wait to read your full review.

  3. Hoping to find some spare time to read.

  4. No wonder she is freaking out, I would be freaking out to if the voice in my head where coming from somewhere out of my head.