A to Z Challenge

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Who's that girl?

Well hello there, it's day one of the Indie Blog Hop.  Time for me to give you the nitty gritty about little ole me.

I'm... 40-something or other,
proud wife and mother,
Dreamer of things that I wish could be.

I'm a hoper and prayer,
Dragon lover - not slayer,
Writer of magic for others to see.

I'm happy go lucky,
Undaunted and plucky,
Fighter of publishing independently

I'm a poet, (not really)
In fact, this is silly
Rhymer girl Millie, that's me!

But truly I hope,
you don't think me a dope,
Wisher that you will agree

By the end of this blog hop
I hope that it won't stop
Friendship - between you and me!

If you want any more information about me...you can read my very first blog post here!

Please click here for a list of other participants, meet them and share some Indie love!


  1. Replies
    1. Nice to meet you Lynn. I'm looking forward to getting around to everyone's posts : )

  2. How fun! Looking forward to the rest of Indie Blog hop posts :)

  3. Dragon lover yes!
    What's your favorite book series with dragons. (shoot, I should figure out that answer myself actually)

    My buddy, hopefully future beta reader, is coming up with an editing symbol for "not enough dragons"

    1. Hmm...Eragon pops in my head...but I'm not sure that's my final answer.

  4. Wow, you've got more word-rhythm than me. Now I feel like my introduction is lacking. :p
    Nice to learn more about you, neighbor!

    1. Thanks Skye, I'm ready to pop around to everyone's site : )

  5. This introduction was kind of cool, I can't do poetry.
    See you on your next post. :)

    1. I love writing rhyming goofy poetry, but serious works of art...prolly not gonna happen here : )

  6. Very clever way to intro yourself (I might be a tad jealous at your rhyming skills!)

    1. Why thank you Bianca, I thought it was kind of silly, but that's sort of how I roll. Looking forward to getting to know everyone this next couple weeks!