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Monday, August 19, 2013

WIP - Zelera's Revenge (At least that's what I'm calling it now)

My WIP is the sequel to Return of the Crown, released last July.  It is Ravyn's tale and that of Aigerach four years after the Return of the Crown.  I write in an old quest style, and the world is populated with all kinds of fantastic and mythological creatures.  I don't care where they come from either...I'll borrow from the Greek to pay the Celts.  In addition to the Wolves, Dragons, Harpies, and Unicorn that were in ROTC, the WIP contains a Mara, Selkies, a Clurichaun, and more...since it's still a WIP, who knows who else might show up!

Here's the first draft opening of Zelera's Revenge:

Ravyn squeezed her eyes tight, the silky fabric fell over her shoulders, caressing her as it slid down her skin.  Her dreams came true today.  Today she'd marry Blade. 
The door crashed open, and Queen Lareina burst into the room.
Ravyn glimpsed her mother in the mirror, eyes wide at the unexpected intrusion.  Her normally calm and patient mother rushed into the room, her hands clutching the dresser for support.  Her breath came in ragged gasps.  "Kes, Kestrel!  Where are you?"  Her voice rose into a shriek.  Her stormy blue eyes devoured the room, hungry for her son, but it was empty save for Ravyn and Lady Angelique.
"Mom, Kes isn't here, he's with Nurse Mayweather."  She took a step toward her wide-eyed mother, shivers of fear danced along her spine setting her senses tingling.
Lareina stared past her daughter, sinking to the floor.  "They're gone," she whispered, "gone."
"That makes no sense.  Where would they have gone?  Today of all days.  Kes is the ring bearer."  Ravyn dropped to her knees and put her arms around her mother.  "Surely they’re just working off some of his energy," she patted her mother's hand and kissed her pale cheek.  Lareina began rocking back and forth, muttering Kes' name, frantic eyes scanning the room.
Ravyn turned a nervous eye to her Lady in Waiting.  "Angelique, go get my father, please."
Angelique nodded before she raced out the door, her slippered feet sliding across the polished tile in the hallway.
Ravyn slid her legs out to the side, her silky dress twisting and crumpling beneath her.  "Mom, shh, it's okay.  I'm sure they're just out in the gardens."
Lareina lifted a trembling hand and turned it palm up.  Her eyes carried a weight of guilt that threatened to drown her in a sea of culpability.   A crumpled piece of parchment emerged from her tight grasp.
"What is it?"  She reached for the note, but her mother’s fingers still gripped it tight.
"No, no, it can't be," Lareina murmured.  She stared past Ravyn still searching for signs of Kes.
Ravyn unclenched her mother's fingers and the paper scraped across her skin further grating Ravyn's nerves.  Her stomach knotted and she spread the parchment out across her lap.  You should have killed me when you had the chance. -Z


  1. That's a very scary opening: the queen seems a bit insane, I wonder where is everybody else, who is trying to threaten her on her wedding day?
    Poor Ravyn has so many problem to take care of, maybe Ronan might help. :)

    1. The queen is just a bit distraught. Her sister, Zelera, has an axe to grind...and she managed to sneak back into Aigerach and she kidnapped the Queen's son (Ravyn's brother). Therefore screwing up the wedding day plans : ( Ronan comes into the picture a little later ; )

    2. Villains always have to bring the shadows on the happy days... grr...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by, I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and their writing over the next few weeks!

  3. That sounds right up my alley! :) I love fantasy, the more the better. In fact, my vampire series has quite a number of mythical creatures, even a few that I've never read about in any other story.

    1. Stacy, I look forward to hearing about your series. I love fantasy as well!

  4. I love "quest style" works and the more different mythological creatures the better. Just be careful in minding the menagerie.

    1. The menagerie is tended to with lots of love and respect. I hope that comes across in the story : )