A to Z Challenge

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Argh, Matey Blog or Walk the Plank!

I joined this blogfest in an effort to learn more about this craft of blogging. I just recently published my first book, Return of the Crown. Right now, I feel like an itty bitty snowball at the top of the hill. Sales are slow, but gathering speed. I am learning to create a platform, and every little bit I roll down the hill, more snow sticks to me and I gain a little more know-how. I'm also getting to know some really interesting and talented people that are kindly helping me gather speed. My goal is to reach the bottom of the hill, fat with knowledge and friends...a base to build on, because everybody loves a snowman(with a cutlass, an eyepatch, and a parrot on his shoulder).


  1. HA! Loved your analogy & glad you joined us:-)

    1. Thank you so much. Absolutely a pleasure to be meeting so many wonderful people. I am working on my sponginess right now...just soaking it all up.