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Monday, July 9, 2012

When Sharks Attack!

Okay, so HOLY CRAP!  This picture caught my eye, and the story that went along with it as well.  I am always on the lookout for shark stories and pictures as my eight-year old daughter is a shark fanatic.  I don't know if this guy stained his shorts, but I don't think I'd want to borrow his kayak without it getting a good hosedown. 

Can you just imagine, here you are just soaking up the hot summer sun, toodling along the Cape Cod shore only to see everyone on shore waving at  you!  You think, wow, I'm a sexy beast.  No, dude not really.  You're a tasty morsel--and you're being stalked.

His arms have probably never pumped away at anything so fast after getting a good look at his new pelagic friend.  During an on camera interview he admitted to running out of the water like a little...child.  The way he paused when he said this, made me think he was going to say girl, which would've irked me.  Although I guess it could've been a compliment, as I know I would've run like lightning! 

At least this guy wasn't tossed out of his kayak, possibly the East Coast sharks are a little more polite than those out here on the West Coast.  On the same day, 07/07/2012, in my hometown of Santa Cruz, CA (more specifically out toward Capitola) a fisherman is actually tossed out of his kayak by a Great White!  The big guy burst out of the water to eye his would-be meal as it bit into the nose of his kayak.    Lucky for him, other boaters nearby were able to pull him out of the briny deep before the shark had a chance to even get a nibble in.

These real-life tales reminded me of a scene from my newly released fantasy novel, Return of the Crown...http://ow.ly/c69Nv  

Without warning, a gaping maw erupted from the water as sharp teeth snapped an oar in two.  Ravyn shrieked falling back, the oars ripped from her grasp.  The raft lurched as the shark rammed it, rocking it wildly from side to side.  Its heavy tail slapped hard against the logs.  It disappeared beneath the sea, and Ravyn staggered to her feet, scanning about for signs of the creature.   A menacing fin sliced through the water, gathering speed as it neared the raft.  Ravyn lurched to the mast, clutching it for dear life.

The creature slammed into the raft, sending the whole vessel teetering on its side.  Ravyn’s feet slipped out from beneath her, and she felt herself dangling like bait on a hook.Supplies flew in all directions, and Ravyn’s pack sailed through the air. Clinging to the mast with one hand, she snapped her other hand out snagging the strap of the pack.  The raft hung crazily on its side for an instant before crashing back onto the water.

So anyway, if you're out and about at the coast, either one it seems, just look about for seals.  If you see any of those plump lil cuties nearby, you should probably keep your feet in the sand.  Sharks aren't really looking to eat humans, at least that's what the experts say.  Of course, I'm not sure how many sharks have been interviewed on this subject...the interviewers never return from their appointments.

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