A to Z Challenge

Monday, July 23, 2012

I've been reading...

I have many books started that I'm part-way through, but have no idea when I'll get back to them. I believe the KJV of the bible is on my shelf (I think I got as far as the story of Noah) and I have the Dummie's guide to Social Media Marketing started. I have been attempting to read all the free classics that I either never read, or don't really remember. Recently finished Dorian Gray and Pride and Predjudice. Currently, most of my time is spent reading with my nine-year old.

Sierra, the aforementioned nine year old, has an absolute nutso fascination with sharks. This morning, I read Discovery Channel's 10 Deadliest Sharks, by Joe Brusha on Net Galley. I thought it was really neat as it was done in a comic book format. It had some random facts sprinkled in with stories of shark attacks of the various species. Sierra thought the pictures were cool, but that it lacked enough factual information. When I asked if she'd like a copy of it, she was sort of "meh" about it. Guess I'll save my pennies.

We just finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and have since delved into The Chamber of Secrets. I absolutely love sitting down on the couch with my feet up, her long legs stretched out next to mine, and the book grasped betwixt our hands. We share read. I read a page and she reads a page. I absolutely love that my little miss is reading Potter with full on british accents. She's absolutely brilliant!

We also started a fun little story by a fellow indie author that I thought was rather clever. It's called Zombie Dog and it's by Charmaine Clancy. We got part-way in, and haven't touched it for weeks now. Overall, I think the story is fun and clever. The dialogue is realistic. Sierra seems to enjoy it too. The letdown is that there are quite a few grammatical errors that weren't caught in the editing, and they are distracting to me. I am so sad about that too, because it has such excellent potential. Sigh. We'll likely finish it, because I think I actually plunked down a few dollars for it, and it is a cute story.


  1. I can't wait until my sons are old enough for Harry Potter. It will be so great to share it with them!

  2. Heh, I was going to say just what Sharon said. Right now I'm still reading board books for my youngest and Dinotrain and Dinosailors for my older. :)

  3. LOVE IT! My son is going into third grade and I think we'll start Harry Potter together when school starts. : )

  4. I started my journey with Harry when my eldest, who's 20, was in second grade. I've been to just about every Midnight Sale of the book, and had to start reading in the car on the way home from Barnes and Noble. I have each and every character voice well rehearsed, as I'm now on my third run through the books with Sierra. They are simple pure magic! I've never heard of Dinotrain or Dinosailors.

  5. My students love reading about deadly animals as well. I think kids get into that kind of stuff no matter their ages. :)